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Portland Bridge Vigil Re-Cap

The vigil on the bridges last night was awesome, with participants ranging from teens to families with little ones, to olders, and elders. Candles thickly lined all three of the downtown bridges. The Oregonian apparently put the total at 100 folks, organizers estimate pretty conservatively at 900-1000. [ read more ]

Photos of PDX s24 bridge vigils for peace: I had thought that three bridges was over-reaching, but I was wrong. All but the last photo are from the vigil on the south side of the Burnside Bridge. I'm told that there were many more participating in the vigil on the Hawthorne Bridge. However, I got to the Hawthorne bridge very late. Still I like the way the series ends with an edgy photo of one of the last to leave vigil participants to leave the Hawthorne Bridge. [ read more ]

Photos from S24 vigil, Morrison Bridge: Photos from the anti-war vigil on the evening of September 24, 2005, on 3 of portland's bridges. these are all from the Morrison Bridge. I estimate there were about 100-150 on that bridge. The Oregonion reported only 100 total on all 3 bridges, but there were at least that many on just the Morrison, and I heard there were a about 500 on the Burnside and several hundred on the Hawthorne. [ read more ]

Pix from Saturday night vigil on Hawthorne Bridge: Here's some pix of the vigil on the Hawthorne Bridge on Saturday night. Critics say: "You're protesting doesn't do any good." I say: "Well, at the very least, it reminds me that I'm not alone." [ read more ]

From the Bridges tonight: At least a thousand, maybe 2000 on the Burnside, Morrison and Hawthorne Bridges tonight. We lined the bridges with candles, flags, signs and our passion that this evil war end now. Passing motorists honking horns lent support - even a stretch limo. The best motor support came at the end while walking down off the Morrison Bridge when a PDX Police wagon honked and waved the peace sign. [ read more ]