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Sheehan Arrested

Several Sources are reporting that Cindy Sheehan was arrested moments ago in front of the whitehouse...
Several Sources are reporting that Cindy Sheehan was arrested moments ago after protesting with a group of several hundred in front of the Whitehouse. She allegedly sat down with around a dozen other protestors and was warned by authorities that she must move along or be arrested. She was arrested almost immediately after the warning was given. More to follow

-The Notorious John Doe
Central Florida Indymedia

die-in 26.Sep.2005 11:47

john doe

Update #1: It is now being reported by the "Village Voice" that Sheehan was participating in a "Die-in" at the time she was arrested. According to multiple sources she was the first of several dozen to be arrested approximately one hour ago.

I can't believe it! 26.Sep.2005 12:06


Do you suppose they will have new peplke there to get arrested tomorrow and the next day amd the next and the next? I wish I was there. If this is the way they go, and I think they should, it is very reminiscent of the suffragettes and how they finally got there notice. Cindy you are a goddamn hero. Thank God for women like you!

permit process 26.Sep.2005 12:52

red tree

My understanding is that Cindy Sheehan was arrested during a peaceful demonstration. According to latimes.com, she and others were singing "Amazing Grace" when trying to access one of our 'civil servants'. A U.S. Park Police (!?) spokesman named Sgt. Scott R. Fear stated that it was a peaceful demonstration and "We are going to take our time arresting them." They were arrested for demonstrating WITHOUT A PERMIT. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!!

SAVE OUR CINDY! 26.Sep.2005 12:57


We can NOT stand idlely by while they try to silence us Cindy is a simple sweet woman who like Rosa Parks merely spoke truth to power...so she was protesting isn't that the AMERICAN thing to do? I urge hippies, socialist,christians to rally as never before! I urge a NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION of civil disobediance that will take this government down to its knees No more cynical elite irony and fiegned aloofness AS IF ANYONE COULD BE ABOVE IT ALL NOW! It is time to walk the walk or stop talking the talk! OUT OF YOUR CUBICALS AND INTO THE STREETS!

they sang amazing grace 26.Sep.2005 12:59

john doe

The LA Times is reporting that demostrators sang "Amazing Grace, This Little Light of Mine, and other songs" as their collegues were arrested. Moments before her arrest, Ms. Sheehan used a pink ribbon to tie a photo of her son to the rot-iron bars of the Whitehouse fence. Even though the protestors were "peaceful" according to Sgt. Fear of the Park Police, they were arrested for demonstrating without a permit. "Earlier in the day, 41 people protesting the war in Iraq were arrested at the Pentagon."

The original latimes article is available here:  link to www.latimes.com

update#3 $50 misdemeanor 26.Sep.2005 13:26

john doe

According to Reuters News, 200 protesters were involved in the sidewalk sit-in along the White House's northern fence. "Hundreds more rallied in Lafayette Park, across Pennsylvania Avenue from the executive mansion." Reuters also reports that if found guilty of demonstrating without a permit she could face a fine of fifty dollars.

Those present on the scene of Sheehan's arrest chanted slogans such as "Liar, liar, Iraq's on fire", "War is terrorism with a bigger budget", and "The whole world is watching."

update #4: worth 1,917 names (of dead sons and daughters) 26.Sep.2005 13:35

john doe

An associated press photo of Sheehan at the gate:  link to www.alertnet.org
(Sheehan holds a photo of her dead son as she clenches the whitehouse fence)

While the picture speaks for itself, it it is important to note that even while Sheehan was arrested more sons and daughters have perished in the War in Iraq. While the number of U.S. dead approaches 2,000, let us not forget the innocent thousands Iraqis who have died as well.

For more information on Iraqi casualties of war see  http://aliveinbaghdad.org/

Sheehan was released 26.Sep.2005 14:52


Along with others, Medea Benjamin included. Apparently they won't be held for more than 3 hours.



A Brave Woman 26.Sep.2005 19:09


Well, this was only a matter of time, before Cindy Sheenan, was to be arrested on the pretext of violating a petty regulation or by-law.
The scandal is, that behind those who arrested her, are people who committing some of the most egregious lies and crimes on a daily bases without punishment.

people like you 27.Sep.2005 08:06


People like all of you make me be a bit happier,in fact very happy indeed!!in espite of the unexplicable and unjustificable existence of these "profit for me",cretinous Bush et al.They have allready lost everything and donīt know yet!

civil disobedience 27.Sep.2005 16:30

demonstrating without a permit

if you need a permit to demonstrate... then your rights have already been violated