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Photos of PDX s24 bridge vigils for peace

I had thought that three bridges was over-reaching, but I was wrong. All but the last photo are from the vigil on the south side of the Burnside Bridge. I'm told that there were many more participating in the vigil on the Hawthorne Bridge. However, I got to the Hawthorne bridge very late. Still I like the way the series ends with an edgy photo of one of the last to leave vigil participants to leave the Hawthorne Bridge.
I'm running behind today and so I'm posting these photos in the 800 pixel wide size I post images in my photo galleries. I hope they aren't too big and inconvenient to view here. Also, the seventh image is in terms of its tonality the darkest image I've ever put on the web. I wasted far too much time today trying and failing to brighten it without ruining it. Then I asked for comments on it from photographers on dpreview.com. Quite a few people couldn't see it clearly, but the consensus from the experts was that it was fine and that if you can't see the background -- your monitor is set too dark. ;-)


I recently put up in my photo galleries a brief look back at some of my best and worst pictures from the year of dissent here in Portland before the war. The photos are presented in the form of a manifesto about "Participatory-Photojournalism". If you're interested in my answers to the question, "How do you take pictures of a protest without taking yourself out of the protest?" Visit:


homepage: homepage: http://rivertext.smugmug.com/

good work! 25.Sep.2005 19:06


Thanks for posting your photos for us to enjoy. The ones of peoples' faces in candleglow are particularly striking

Brian: Need bridge vigil pics for cable program asap 28.Sep.2005 14:22

Betsy Toll betsy@livingearthgatherings.org

Hi Brian,
Someone contacted me wanting to know if she could get access to these photos for a cable access program she's doing this weekend. She was in DC and has video footage and hoped for video of the vigil here. If you'd be willing to let her use some of your stills, please email me at  betsy@livingearthgatherings.org and I'll connect you with Elizabeth.


Betsy Toll
Living Earth