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Portland Bridge Vigil Re-Cap

View from the Bridge Vigil on Sept. 24
The vigil on the bridges last night was awesome, with participants ranging from teens to families with little ones, to olders, and elders. Candles thickly lined all three of the downtown bridges. The Oregonian apparently put the total at 100 folks, organizers estimate pretty conservatively at 900-1000.

Burnside Bridge monitors estimate 200 people counting both sides of the bridge, tons of support from motorists, and people staying until their candles burned out.

Monitors on the Morrison estimate 200+ packing that bridge (that one was a surprise, being the most difficult bridge to access).

Hawthorne was packed on both sides all the way across. One cyclist estimated 700 but who knows. We figure maybe 500 all told is a reasonably conservative estimate.

Living Earth put out the call and ended up with 22 groups supporting this action. Counting on Portlanders' skills at self-organizing to pull it off, the dozen coordinators met just twice prior to the event and it came off in fine stumptown style.
Even the cops on bikes were well-behaved and supportive.

Too bad according to "major media" it didn't happen at all. But if you were on one of the bridges, you know it did. Feel free to send comments and photos to Living Earth at  thecircle@livingearthgatherings.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.livingearthgatherings.org

Messages to Sens. Smith and Wyden 25.Sep.2005 22:41

C Knight, VFP72 claytonknight@comcast.net

During the vigil, we collected 1,001 post cards to Sens. Smith and Wyden pressing them to stop the war and bring the troops home. Fully a quarter of them had personal messages in addition to a signature.

That's a thousand signatures in an hour. A thousand voices speaking truth to power. Feel powerless? Think about it.

We will deliver these cards, and many other letters and messages to the Portland offices of Sens. Smith and Wyden, and Reps. Wu, Blumenauer and Hooley, Monday Sept. 26, starting at 9 a.m. at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland.

Join us and exercise your constitutional rights!