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s24 Mobilization Reportbacks

Seattle: Here are a few pictures I snapped with a digital camera today. The protest brought together a great group of people as expected. I saw an estimate of around six to seven thousand people on the Seattle Indymedia website. After leaving the protest and heading back to my home on the bus I ran into a young fellow asking me if I was at the rally. I told him that I had been there and told him about the people that were there. "Do you really think that everyone getting together like that is going to end the war?" [ read more ]

Portland Bridges:At least a thousand, maybe 2000 on the Burnside, Morrison and Hawthorne Bridges tonight. We lined the bridges with candles, flags, signs and our passion that this evil war end now. The best motor support came at the end while walking down off the Morrison Bridge when a PDX Police wagon honked and waved the peace sign. [ read more ]

Estacada: We attended a small but dedicated gathering for Peace in Estacada this afternoon. There were 70 to 80 people in attendance, which is pretty astonishing for a little town like Estacada. Several speeches were given and a reading of a poem written by Casey Sheehan's sister which was very moving. Lloyd Marbet also spoke. There was music and companionship and a parade through town to be followed by a candlelight vigil this evening. No riot suited police were observed![ read more ]

Eugene:A great day! I'm not any good at estimating crowds, but it was a large and spirited one. Several hundred at least. The largest demonstration I've seen in the two years I've been in Eugene. We marched around downtown, past the Saturday Market, and then had a rally near the courthouse with some heartfelt speeches. It looks like we're coming back together. [ read more ]