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Dick Cheney's" knee anyurism" surgery

Lies from the top..again
I would be willing to wager that the vice president has just undergone at the very least, a quadruple bypass surgery.... It is also my theory that he suffered a massive heart attack recently. Prior to his operation it was stated that he was undergoing a surgery to fix an aneurysm behind ONE of his knees.... Well they operated on both! And it was not to fix any aneurysms... It was to harvest veins.... FOR HIS BYPASS SURGERY!!
Pretty soon we will here that he suffered complications... And hopefully that he died... Yahoo. I hate being lied to.
I hope the Dick gets exactly what he deserves.
wishfull thinking 25.Sep.2005 11:05

she reads

Well we would all like to see him gone but to wish him dead is not nice. Do you read or look at pictures much? He was just photographed walking slowly out of the hospital. How could someone that just had quadruple bypass surgery the day before do that? Your theory was entertaining but it tanked. I loath the man also but he lives. Let's work to impeach him and his puppet.

Violent Words Leads To Violent Acts 25.Sep.2005 12:38

Ben Douglass bendouglass@cheerful.com

There is no doubt that Dick Cheney is a liar and un-American evil son of a bitch, but wishing his death puts you at the same level. When Cheney dies there will be a hundred more like him to deal with, unfortunately. These kind of violent comments perpetuate the kind of violence that we are all fighting against. I forget who it was but a famous American during the Civil War said something to the effect: violent words promote violent acts and violent acts promote needless wars.

A Quaker viewpoint.

Bringing Jeb into the Fold 25.Sep.2005 20:31

Smilin' Joe

With Dick having health issues this would be a good time for him to step down and GW nominate his replacement -- someone with values and judgement, someone GW can count on and trust...