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September 24th Protest in Seattle

Here are a few pictures I snapped with a digital camera today. The protest brought together a great group of people as expected. I saw an estimate of around six to seven thousand people on the Seattle Indymedia website.
After leaving the protest and heading back to my home on the bus I ran into a young fellow asking me if I was at the rally. I told him that I had been there and told him about the people that were there. "Do you really think that everyone getting together like that is going to end the war?" he asked. This is something I have questioned, but I feel that the more we discuss and gather to oppose US policy, the more solidified the involved 'left' becomes. We talked for a bit and I found out that he was six weeks away from heading to boot camp.

Seeing all the great people together at the protest was empowering, fun, and exciting. But my trip on the bus remind me that there is much work to be done.

Much loved to all of those that showed up to the event.
more pictures... 24.Sep.2005 22:18


South Puget Autonomous Reporters Coalition
Disturbing but truthful puppet
Disturbing but truthful puppet
Bush supporters taken on by trash talking queer
Bush supporters taken on by trash talking queer
Only arrest I heard of
Only arrest I heard of

Who knows what will work? 24.Sep.2005 22:25


Who would have guessed that those two women - Cindy and Katrina would catalyze the peace mongers!?! Don't let up. The tide has turned. Flood On.

Numbers Don't Lie 25.Sep.2005 05:45


The Anti-War Protest and the counter "Pro-War Rally" proves that caring, peace-loving Americans outnumber war-mongering knuckleheads by at least ONE THOUSAND to ONE. Is it any wonder, then, why Georgigula chose to slither off to Colorado to "learn" how NorthCom works rather than have to endure the collective denunciation of 200,000 voices raised against this contrived war in Iraq? Down the hatch Mr. Commander-in-Chief.

hey Chiton 25.Sep.2005 11:30

nekospecial nekospecial@gmail.com

This is Chris. And my camera is still broken, I can't even download the pictures I took of the rally! I'll see what I can do, though. That "trash talking queer" was really something, eh? Definitely one of the highlights of that day for me! :) And I wonder what that poor guy we saw getting arrested did to deserve it?

Well, I definitely had a good time. It was AMAZING to see so many people on the streets! We need these kinds of rallies more often, I think. Make it a monthly thing!

Seattle pics and a report-back 25.Sep.2005 11:57


Looking for some good energy, I went up to Seattle yesterday for the war protest/rally. It was huge. Not as big as DC's obviously but it was a lot bigger than what I was expecting.
I started out with the anti-imperialist march, which wasn't very sizable but very excitable. Led by the radical cheerleaders and joined by Pink Fist, this march proceeded up and down the sidewalks to the main march.
I was delighted to meet Pink Fist, a recently formed radical queer artist revolution organization in Seattle and pretty much hung out with them the rest of the march. The Pink Fist Brigade unites like minded queers to work together for our own personal struggles and to fight oppression through artistic expression, education and activism.
The main march sponsored by ANSWER was more liberal. They targeted Bush and the current regime as the villians of the world, rather than focusing on the whole damn system. It was a good march though, very little police interference and no riot cops.
The disheartening part is always at the end. Like PDX marches, this one also concluded in a vast conglomeration of shopping centers and retail outlets. I stuck around for a while afterwards, watching the crowd disperse every which way, including into the mall.
First they came for Spongebob
First they came for Spongebob
Pink Fist
Pink Fist
Sign from the Anti-imperialist contingent
Sign from the Anti-imperialist contingent

What I did to get arrested 27.Sep.2005 00:08


"And I wonder what that poor guy we saw getting arrested did to deserve it?"

Funny you should ask. According to the police report, the reason I was arrested was "pedestrian interference". I have two ideas why they chose me. First, I asked what law I was breaking by standing in the street (they never answered me by the way). Second, I suspect I was recognized by a few of the cops (at the J20 event for example, I managed to piss a cop off enough he had to leave the front line, pointing at me saying, "he's the first to go!" I think I've gotten the attention of a few of them...).

Six weeks from boot camp 11.Oct.2005 15:15

Barbara Tomlinson

I am surprised the anti-war movement does not pay more attention to the very real RESISTANCE TO THE WAR WITHIN THE ARMY ITSELF. True, it is extremely difficult to get any information; yet, it has come out that 5,000 troops have gone AWOL {probably MORE, but those are the figures from the Pentagon}. That is why I was photographed by Elliot Stoller on another site, carrying my home-made sign {on Sept. 24} saying "Support our AWOL troops". I have another one, a "doctored" sign, saying in red-white-and-blue print, "Support Our Troops"; "Help 'em go AWOL" {my addition}.

Troops in Iraq are so demoralized, not only is suicide among them a big problem, but also troop-on-troop violence; as in Viet Nam, troops are starting to "frag" {assassinate} their officers. The Viet Nam war ended, not only because of huge protests at home, but because the actual troops over there refused to fight; rather than go out to "encounter" the "enemy", they went out a ways in the jungle and sat down and got stoned. The "enemy" left them alone, if they left the "enemy" alone. {The Insurgency in Iraq has made the SAME offer -- ignored totally, of COURSE, by the captive U.S. media.} The Viet Nam war HAD to end, when U.S. troops effectively were NO LONGER AN EFFECTIVE FIGHTING FORCE IN THAT WAR.

The same thing was true of Russian troops' involvement in WWI. They just simply refused to fight, turned and went back home. Thus ending WWI for Russia {the other "patriotic" dupes just fought on.}

This is the ONLY way I see, of ACTUALLY ENDING the Iraq war, and BRINGING THE TROOPS HOME, for real. The Democrats won't do it. Protests at home won't do it. The HUGE MAJORITY is now against the war; and NOTHING is done. ONLY A REFUSAL OF TROOPS TO FIGHT; troops going AWOL, deserting, disobeying direct orders {as the famous incident last year when the 343rd Quartermasters did just that}, and SIMILAR ACTS OF RESISTANCE {I KNOW of others, but might get people in trouble if I spoke of them too specifically}; only an internal collapse of the Army itself, will FORCE the Administration's hand. Then they will FIND some "reason" to leave.

Bolshevik agitators were active among the soldiers prior to the Russian Revolution. Where are the agitators now? or, are they under such deep cover that we haven't heard about them yet???

Those of us at the home front, MUST SHOW THAT WE SUPPORT THOSE TROOPS GOING AWOL AND RESISTING; NOT those troops who torture, murder whole families at roadblocks, and kick in peoples' doors and murder them in their sleep. The clever Bush propagandists have made "support the troops" a slogan to de-fang and demoralize the Peace Movement. We must TAKE IT BACK by making it perfectly clear, just WHICH troops we DO support.

GI resistance: 1917 and 2005 14.Oct.2005 14:11



I liked your post. I should add, though, in addition to the correct criticisms you made of the movement, "impeaching Bush" (or telling the masses to target this or that bourgeois politician and not the whole imperialist system which continually gives rise to these monsters) isn't going to end the war, either...

One difference between 1917 and 2005 is that imperialist soldiers don't exist in nearly as much isolation. I don't want to fall into the "information superhighway will solve all our problems" fantasy but the impact of the internet (and electronic communications overall) must not be discounted. A Tsarist soldier could only read a Bolshevik paper or leaflet if someone physically handed it to him. On the other hand, a US imperialist GI "serving" in Iraq may be able to read this very thread.

As you say, there already is significant GI resistance, most of which is not covered in the mainstream (capitalist) press. As US imperialism is thrown into even more crisis and as the class struggle sharpens, there will be even more GI resistance and I imagine it will become more well-known (despite the bourgeoisie's intensified efforts to suppress the news).

I don't think it's a question of one or the other (i.e., protests "at home" vs. GI resistance vs. Iraqi resistance, etc.). These various forms of resistance influence and strengthen each other. Some GIs will refuse to fight after a particularly nasty battle or atrocity but many more will refuse when their experience is combined with the influence of a mass anti-war movement led by a genuine anti-imperialist political line.