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From the Bridges tonight

At least a thousand, maybe 2000 on the Burnside, Morrison and Hawthorne Bridges tonight.
We lined the bridges with candles, flags, signs and our passion that this evil war end now. Passing motorists honking horns lent support - even a stretch limo. The best motor support came at the end while walking down off the Morrison Bridge when a PDX Police wagon honked and waved the peace sign.
Some tide has turned. It is in our hands that this flood tide is taken on to victory.
No resting on our laurels! PEACE MONGERING: It's not just a good idea - It's a moral imperative.

I'd say it was just under 2000 people 24.Sep.2005 23:35

Walking Boots

I was on all three bridges and saw at least 300 to 400 on the Burnside, about 300 on the Morrision, and about 800 to a 1000 on the Hawthorn.

I wanna see some pictures! 25.Sep.2005 00:38


Candlelight vigils on the bridges in the evening sounds like a beautiful way to protest the war. Please, somebody post some pictures for those of us who weren't there... :)

Police support 25.Sep.2005 04:23


I was on the south side of the Burnside Bridge, and a cop in a police van gave us a peace sign as well.

Oregonian estimates 100 25.Sep.2005 07:34


Today's Oregonian is saying 100 (hundred) protestors. Please make with the pictures to prove them wrong! I was on the Burnside bridge and on our side of the bridge alone there were over 200....

It was a Peace DEMONSTRATION 25.Sep.2005 09:06


I was there to advocate PEACE.... I dislike being referred to as a "protester"... I felt a sadness and disparity...mixed with a glimpse, a flicker.... an ember of hope (on the Hawthorn Bridge) last night.
I am glad/proud to have been there and hold those feelings,dearly.

I could do this every Friday night... 25.Sep.2005 10:11

SW suzinn@yahoo.com

Last night I attended the Peace Vigil. I held a sign that simply said "THE WAR IS A LIE!" I feel this is a statement that can't be denied.
There was so much goodwill, from those gathered round holding candles, to the cars slowing down to show support by reading our signs, honking and making the peace sign. I only heard of a few negative reactions and I didn't see any myself. Even the police seem pleasant and several also made the peace sign as they past us. At the height of the gathering it appeared that there were many hundreds of people on the north side of the Hawthorne Bridge. My partner and I stayed until nearly everyone was gone and it was only 9 PM. I felt as If I could have stayed all night. It was so easy to stand there and express something so Important,(even tho my hand started cramping from holdind a candle and a sign)! Can we do it again???

if the local media is having problems with counting... 25.Sep.2005 10:59

a Cascadian

if the local media like the Oregonian is having problems reporting the correct numbers at the peace rally then maybe those with video tapes and pictures should gather next time (maybe even this evening) at their doors (with live streaming for Portland Indy Media) to ask them about their math skills. Imagine a thousand or so people with video and photographic evidence handing over a copy of the proof to the Oregonian heads or KATU or KGW. We can ask why they have a tendency to drop a zero on all rallies numbers? Does that extra zero accidently end up on pro war rallies when it is convient? Then we could avertise Indy to look at the proof with leaflets. ... just an idea.

Pictures from Candlelight Vigil on bridges 25.Sep.2005 13:20

Joshua Eddings orpeace@gmail.com

Here's some pictures from the vigil last night. You can see more at  http://www.orpeace.us/candles.htm

The pictures are video grabs, the full video will be on the cable access program OPI Presents, on Sunday, Oct 9, 7 PM on Channel 11, Tuesday, Oct 11 @ 3 PM on Channel 23, and noon on Saturday Oct 15 on Channel 22.

I'll place a video clip on the Oregon Peace Institute website (orpeace.us) later this week.

Singing on the Hawthorne Bridge
Singing on the Hawthorne Bridge
On the Burnside Bridge
On the Burnside Bridge

Yay...I want to be involved!! 25.Sep.2005 14:49

Valerie vless@comcast.net

I am new to Portland and remember reading something about the vigils. I happened to be in the car with my son (coming back from Polish fest-yum) when we saw you all on one of the bridges-I'm still never sure which one I'm on. I was just so moved and energized to see everyone out there. I support this movement with all my heart. One of the many reasons I chose Portland to relocate to from the Midwest was its legacy of activism. Let me know how I can get involved. Love to all, Valerie

Around 1000 on the Hawthorne Bridge 25.Sep.2005 17:06

Scotty B.

I was at the peace vigil last night, on the north side of the Hawthorne Bridge, and I'd say there was at least 1000 of us on that bridge....the sidewalks were actually crowded where I was at. I don't know how many were on the Burnside/Morrisson bridges, but I'm guessing the total number could be up to 2000. So for the Oregonian to say 100...that's just ridiculous.

Oregonian's comments 25.Sep.2005 22:33

Betsy Toll betsy@livingearthgatherings.org

Why the Oregonian wrote that is anyone's guess. Living Earth volunteers sent them tons of advance info and they probably just wrote up their little blurb before the vigil even happened. OPB reported close to 2000 participated.

The churches mentioned in the Oregonian blip helped, but the vigil originated at Living Earth and most of the heavy lifting was shared by LE and Vets for Peace, just to set the record straight. So the O missed on a more than just the numbers. No surprise there.

Bottom line is the vigil was about Portland, and the coordinators just set the stage. We counted on the great spirit and dedication of Stumptown denizens to make it happen and it did. People turned out with very little coaxing and stood in simple witness to their commitment to end the war NOW.

Thanks to everybody who was there.