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Eugene peace march went well

A great day!
I'm not any good at estimating crowds, but it was a large and spirited one. Several hundred at least. The largest demonstration I've seen in the two years I've been in Eugene. We marched around downtown, past the Saturday Market, and then had a rally near the courthouse with some heartfelt speeches. It looks like we're coming back together.
great to hear! 25.Sep.2005 11:04


I was on amtrak missing every protest everywhere. Discussing it a lot of course. :)
Plus not to mention it had me participating in the entire 24 hour period called (car free day).
I heard there was a great poster at the Eugene protest where a little girl had drawn the
words "Mr. Bush, stop hurting people, you need a time-out" or some such.

Warms my heart.


Crowd size 25.Sep.2005 12:42


TV news last night said it was estimated at around 1,000.

some people call it bush bashing 25.Sep.2005 12:46


... in oregon we call it thinking.

(one of the more popular signs carried at the eugene rally at least)

Sept 24 26.Sep.2005 06:02


Peace dove at the Federal Building