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100's of soldiers' corpses brought through Eureka Coast Guard station

Eureka, California a port of entry for dead solders
Dead troops are being brought through the Coast Guard Station in Eureka
Personell have reportedly been forbidden under threat of death from talking about the hundreds of corpses being brought by ships to the Eureka, California Coast Guard station. These soldiers are often mutilated beyond recognition, and the Eureka National Guard is in charge of the bloody task of handling the corpses. One body was described as cut into slices.
snipe hunt 24.Sep.2005 16:51


where's the source of this information? where are the facts to back it up? what's your evidence?

Facts please 24.Sep.2005 19:15


Yes, while the bodies of our fallen are most likely entering the U.S. at some port or other location, what facts do you have to support your claim of Eureka? The political right has spread enough disinformative, baseless information--please do not let the center and left do the same. Facts please--

evidence? 24.Sep.2005 20:20


This piece is also posted at Indymedia NY and it offers a url for a pdf, but you can't reach it. Someone more computer-savvy than I should check it out.

I want to know if this is true 25.Sep.2005 13:03

former Eurekan

My father lives in Eureka and occasionally does work with the Coast Guard (as a civilian aerial photographer). This story seems unlikely since the C.G. station at the Eureka/Arcata airport is pretty small there (just a few helicopter hangars), and doesn't seem like it's equipped or staffed to deal with hundreds of military corpses.

What corpses? 25.Sep.2005 14:11

Dryad jquickbeam@aol.com

I live in Eureka. The Coast Guard station is in McKinleyville (ten miles or so north). I have heard no helicopters around nor news of this. I think someone would have mentioned it, even though local news reporting is atrocious. And to ship these bodies out, there are three ways only: north on 101 to Crescent City, east on 299, south through Eureka on 101. Sounds like nonsense to me.

lets not loose our focus 25.Sep.2005 18:23

eyes on-the prize

lets not chase our tails, folks. the people who do not want us to find out about the things that they have done are doing everything they can do to keep us off the trail. The peoples, the planet and their ecosphere need for the truth to come out as purely and as quickly as possible. Don't slip in the bull-shit!