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Hooray for the troops

Another horrific look at what war does to the victoms and those wonderful troops of ours.
I picked this link up today and about lost all faith in humanity. War is sickening and there is no way that a sane person could ever say that they "support the troops". The astounding part about it is the fact that the mainstream media refuses to pick up the story. This is likely the only place you'll see it and it may not last long.

outraged 24.Sep.2005 12:09


i'd like to believe that the perverted sicko freaks that participate in these kinds of atrocities do not represent the majority of the troops, but they probably do.

************* 24.Sep.2005 13:18

mobile unit

these malignant parasites were raised on video games and m t v......
this is what we have to look forward to when they return back to the culture that SPAWNED THEM !!! ....sleep well all you good amurcuns.....

'lost all faith in humanity' 24.Sep.2005 14:53


I have to agree with 'mobile unit',

unfortunately due to the teens-twenties age bracket of the average US military recruit today -

and as graphically depicted in Michael Moore's brief survey of tank crews in the film Fahrenheit 9/11 -

the post-mtv/internet child porn addled generation of America's brainwashed and/or uneducated youth is [maybe NOT???] by-and-large a pathetic bunch. just look at the success of the video game industry alone: larger annual $$$ take than Hollywood's feature film industry (who are pathetic enough, indeed).

speaking of recruits - the Defense Department has recently instituted a policy to actively seek High School Dropouts, with nominal incentives to help them eventually get their GED, as new Army recruits.

stupidity and corporate-bred **ignorance** of humanity, perhaps rather than 'lost all faith' . . .




warning!! warning!! warning!! warning!! warning!! warning!! warning!!
extremly graphic images of the occupation are posted by us soldiers on this site

In "Nam they collected ears-some wore ear necklaces (not everyone) 24.Sep.2005 23:36


War gets pretty primal- The Horror, The Horror!

They Are Both Victims and Vicimisers. 25.Sep.2005 09:47


While I share your abhorrence of the mentality represented by the soldiers' conduct, aim a good portion of your hate, against the vile system, which turns a large number of underprivileged American youth into sadistic, psychotic killers.
Since man is a social animal, who he is, (in a large part) also the product of society. Their behaviour and value system is a proof and an indictment of the brutality and inhumanness of the existing social order, which -however reluctantly,- we share with them.
I know, that it is hard to imagine at the moment, but I believe that in a just, peaceful more human society, the majority of these young men, could have been grown into caring, supporting, loving adults. This is also a tragedy of first magnitude, just like the commited atrocities, although it is overlooked most of the time.