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Greet a true hero from New Orleans, Charmaine Neville, at the Airport on Saturday

Charmaine Neville is arriving in Portland on Saturday evening to perform at Blues for Katrina on Sunday on the waterfront. Watch this video and you'll be standing there wiht flowers just like me. This is the text from Reggie Houston's email, her former bandmate who now lives in Portland.

if you have time would you post something to the effect, that charmaine is arriving at the airport at 9:15pm sat. nite. ask people to meet her when she arrive with flowers signs or just themselves. she has been thru so much and i think it would be a nice surprise. charmaine will be with me at the candlelight on tuesday nite, i am playing with snakeboy at the melody ball room at 10:00pm after i leave the laurelthirst, sunday charmaine & i will be on the sundaymorning show koin ch. 6 10:30am; charmaine, turtle and myself will perform at blues fes with tom d'antoin reading his article on new orleans while turtle and i play a little song during the set change between irma's set and the ray charles tribute set for about 20 mim. charmaine and i will go to corvallis tuesday morning for press conference, lunch and final meeting etc. i need a poster scan and placed on the site. iam with norman tonight at the candlelight. more to come... thanks, reggie

homepage: homepage: http://www.reggiehouston.com