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New 9-11 Evidence Compilation. Free Video

You want a short, concise, interesting video to grab people's attention? Do you just know that if you could only get people to sit through David Griffin's lecture that they would see the light? Go ahead and try this...
Free for anyone who wants it. a new four part series showing the evidence against the Official Conspiracy Theory. And best of all. No Theorizing whatsoever. Just the Visual and Audio Evidence, presented piece after piece, without Narration, endless replays, or speculation as to who, what, and why it happened. Angles and views shot by the MSM, but never shown by the MSM.

This is basically the Beta test of for this. I need viewers and feedback. Download it at





Or follow the link to the index.html You will see the files.

homepage: homepage: http://www.blastedreality.net/index.html

WOW 23.Sep.2005 17:34



Forgot to mention 24.Sep.2005 02:38

Reverend X

The name of the flic is "The Produced Reality". I kind stole the Name from an older, way older flic. Same Genre though.
also, critique via comments here or email. I know I left somed flash frames in chapter 4, removed those n the project files already.

wow!!!!! 24.Sep.2005 14:05

sally homeless smith

all I can say is , WOW!!! and what an "EYEOPENER!!!"