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Pharaoh's Army to show at Videos From the Resistance

Where: It's a Beautiful Pizza (SE Belmont, between 33rd and 34th)
When: Monday, September 26th, 7pm

No cover, as always, because capitalism sux.
Back by popular demand, or at least by the whim of this videoista, Pharaoh's Army will again show at the Resistance showing on Monday night. This video portrays the use of so-called "less lethal" weapons in the service of the global class war. It explodes the myth that these weapons are about "less violence," and demonstrates how this new arsenal is really about escalating violence to unprecidented levels. If you've been in the streets over the past few years, you have seen what I mean. Ozzie and Harriet never even dreamed that the streets might one day be filled with black-armored thugs in darth vader gear, that cops would be riding around on tanks, and that unarmed people would be tortured in the streets of America while the corporate media cheered. But that's where we are, and this video proves it. Portland's finest are given a starring role, alongside the fascist forces of Boston, Sacramento, New York, and Miami, to name but a few. And may I extend my personal invitation to Mayor Potter to come and see what the boys in black have been up to.

Also showing Monday night will be the following:

Cogs: A short, experimental piece chronicling the filmmaker's sense of futility and frustration with conventional strategies in the struggle for the earth.

The March: On Mayday of this year, 15-year-old anarchist David Neira Alvarez was beaten to death by the police on the streets of Bogota, Columbia. In response, people all over the globe held marches and vigils to remember David Alvarez and the to condemn the violence that took place in Bogota. This video tells the story of a Portland solidarity action that took place here earlier this year.

There will be a couple of really stellar pieces from IMCistas in San Diego, and there may be a piece on the SEIU strike at Legacy Emanuel. (Not sure about the Legacy video...but maybe. If not, keep an eye out for that one soon.)

There could also be some other surprises, you never know what the videoistas will come up with over the weekend.
Who are Ozzie and Harriet? 23.Sep.2005 11:04


That's Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, for those not raised on the junk food of old sitcoms. Archetypal Americans, from a mythological world where everyone was white, dad wore the pants in the family, and women wore pearls while they vacuumed. What, I wonder, would they think of the world we live in now?


And Also... 24.Sep.2005 12:09


There will also, finanlly, be a trailer for the new documentary "On The Edge," about the femicide in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The film is almost done and hopefully will show soon here in town.

photo by jackie joice
photo by jackie joice