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Democrats fail peoples hopes again; Show their true warmongering colors

A growing number of people now realize that the Democratic Party is just the second facet of the national War Party. For the people who still have some investment in the democrats, that is just a desparate hope.
 link to www.centredaily.com

"Nationally known Democratic war critics, including Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Russell Feingold of Wisconsin and John Kerry of Massachusetts, won't attend what sponsors say will be a big anti-war rally Saturday in Washington."

The citizens of this country, of all backgrounds, need to break themselves free of the one party system of corporate power. Do not depend on it, for it will fail your hope as it pursues its own agenda - an agenda that is deadly to us all.

The Democrats will side with the war machine against the people. It will only be when the people rise up with enough voice to be a power in national affairs, that the Democrats will try to switch over so that they can keep control and power. Such selfish opportunism should never be rewarded. Say no to them now, and say no to them then!
a bone 22.Sep.2005 18:55


nice find. confirmation of our steadfastness.

We Are The People--We Need To Set The Tone and Let The Parties Follow!! 22.Sep.2005 19:26

Madame Karnak

I can hazard guesses as to why Howard Dean and others are staying silent. More than likely, some politicians are being intimidated while others have been coopted with stock and money. We need to stand up and remind them that there are more of us than there are of them. We need to keep standing up. We need to demand fair elections and paper trails. We need to demand that our government, our corporations and our politicians get their priorities straight. We don't exist for them. They exist because of us and if they don't remember that, then we need to show them why it is painful to forget. We need to not buy Bush's supporters products. We need to boycott gasoline and carpool. Pretty soon, they will all remember what and who are important.

I was reading about the American Revolution. One thing that the Americans did was to organize ways to NOT BUY BRITISH TAXED products so that they could make their boycott painful by gaining very high compliance numbers. We can and should do the same things. If you have to buy gas, buy it from Citgo (Venezuelan). Avoid Walmart and other Bush stores. Let's make a list and start making it painful for those that back these fascists. We have the power. Also, if we stand up in large enough numbers and film our protests and put them on the net, people will know that we could not have voted in large numbers for these clowns and their party.

Get dish network and subscribe to alternative media. Make it clear what your reasons are and encourage your friends. If we start supporting these alternatives in large numbers, then eventually, the corporate supporters will listen. Also, call up the corporations and tell them that you're boycotting. Enough phone calls will get them reoriented.

... 23.Sep.2005 04:15


you said:

' If we start supporting these alternatives in large numbers, then eventually, the corporate supporters will listen.'

- or buy them (i.e. myspace.com)

gonna' have to 23.Sep.2005 10:00

get used to it

i empathize...but i'm afraid this democrat-disappearing act is just another reflection of the cash-n-carry government, or what Plato would've called a plutocracy. for, whether it be at the national, state or local level, nearly every member of both parties is well-vetted and belongs to the same ruling class. this means that all of they're ears and votes have been handsomely paid for by the over-class. they all know very well that they must remain loyal to that uber-class if they want to make their way. because that class also controls the media conglomerates, and hence the consciousness of the rest of us (give or take a few) who vote. the bottom line is that this class continues to gain richly from projecting imperial military strength. and their mutual commitment to mammonism will continue to hold sway until there's a full-scale revolution that removes them from the high seats.

unfortunately, that day has never once dawned for an industrialized society, because the apparatus of the state is too violently powerful to ever be defeated by even the most formiddable frontal assault launched by we, the lumpen people. so sorry to have to say this; but, the truth is, we do belong to them, more or less. the only real variable lies in the empirical question of whether the individual goes along with them willing, or not.

take care,

winston smith

Not Like I had any Plans, Anyways. 23.Sep.2005 13:12

Reverend X

"unfortunately, that day has never once dawned for an industrialized society"

I like those odds. What are we waiting for.

electoral reform 23.Sep.2005 22:30

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even though big money would eventually find a way in, and its insidious corrupting influence would take-over once again, the american democratic system could benefit at least in the short-term from serious electoral reform. it would have to include:

a) complete elimination of any form of electronic voting to be replaced by nation-wide, hand-counted, paper balloting;

b) 100% publicly funded party and electoral campaigns, which means no corporate or secondary sponsorship whatsoever;

c) mandated, no-cost, equal media (ie. network t.v.) time to major candidates, either in debates or advertising (and preferably in both formats).

but having said that, i also have to admit that none of the afore-mentioned reforms will ever see the light of day in this shadowy twilight we call democracy.