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Exit Only at the George R. Brown in Houston

On September 20, Vinny and I returned to the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston to find out what was happening with the Katrina survivors since the Convention Center was closing it's doors as a shelter. An "Exit Only" sign on the doors made it clear that Katrina survivors were no longer welcome at the Convention Center. According to Anna Holly, Onsite Public Information Officer, it was time to "get back to business, back to conventions."
Exit Only
Exit Only
Police and volunteers moved peoples' belongings out of the Convention Center
Police and volunteers moved peoples' belongings out of the Convention Center
Vinny Interviews a Youngster
Vinny Interviews a Youngster
Many people were able to secure housing, however that was not the case for everyone. Vinny spoke with several people that had been excluded from federal services and are not sure what they are going to do for a job and housing.

I spoke with David Brown from Katy, Texas. It was his first day volunteering at the George R Brown Center with Operation Compassion. He explained some of the roles played by Operation Compassion in helping Katrina survivors. On this day, Operation Compassion volunteers were helping people move their belongings out of the Convention Center and into vans and taxis. (2:45 minutes / 1.3 MB)

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If you can make it out to Texas, Mississippi, Alabama or Louisiana, your help is definitely needed.

Also, if you can donate money to support independent media for survivors of Hurricane Katrina, that would be very helpful as well.

Vinny and I have put out a request for donations. Please read the following article for information on one important way that you can help out. thanks.

Support Independent Media in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

thanks bradley 22.Sep.2005 03:31


Thanks for continuing to let us know what's happening in new orleans and houston.

sorry, 22.Sep.2005 04:00

that's all the compassion we've got in the budget

America's attention span has timed out!

You're just regular old homeless people now!


Invite them here. 22.Sep.2005 08:15


Weren't the airlines offering free tickets to anywhere? Don't' we have some room for some of our brothers and sisters here? So invite them already.

Our five minutes of 'citizenship' is over- We're just NI**ERS again now 22.Sep.2005 10:40

Ghost of MLK

not much has really changed since 1968 if u know what I mean