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A Candle Light Vigile for Fouad Kaady

When I went to the candle light vigil for Fouad Kaady, I didn't prepare myself mentally for what I had seen. I expected bandanas, angry police officers, and a lot of pissed off people. When I arrived at the square I didn't see that at all. The experience I had at that vigil made me really realize that this actually happens to people like you or me. This happens to totally innocent people. I was brought to tears from what I saw. I saw a sad family, people crying, strangers giving each other hugs, and everyone standing in solidarity, as the cops smirked close by. Everyone was so sad and angry at the police for doing such a thing. How can they get away with a crime like this? I will never forget my experience at that candle light vigil as I hugged complete strangers and cried with them.
When I arrived at Pioneer Square with two friends, I saw a large group of people looking nothing like activists. I saw regular people, with regular clothes crying over their son who had been shot by police. I couldn't have a conversation with anyone before they broke out in tears. It really hurts me that this issue is not looked at by the media as such a big deal. It was a real stroke of reality for me and my peers. To see there expression on their faces will tell you their story. As I passed people I heard strangers talking to each other saying words like, murdered, and five shots. The experience was something that I cannot put into words, it was just so horrible the look on these peoples faces whose son had been murdered and his killers will never be brought to justice.

When I was sitting and watching people a man approached me and asked what this was all about. I told him Fouad's story and he was very moved by it. Ten minutes later I saw this stranger holding a lit candle and comforting the victim's family. That fact that we have a community of complete strangers that will support those who need support really touched me. It was not something I see every day. As more people came in more people asked questions, and more people had candles in their hands. It was depressing, but amazing that complete strangers stood in solidarity with these people. The corporate media even sympathized with these people and cried with them. The channel 6 newsman cried constantly and really felt angry about the police state we live in. Another corporate media newswoman held a candle and sympathized with this situation. There were never any signs of violence, and no "anarchists" ever showed up. It was an incredibly peaceful vigil.

The police mocked us with their presence as we held dripping candles. Some officers I had recognized from reports of police brutality. There were a total of 6 police cars there to make sure this vigil didn't turn into a riot. I wish for once they wouldn't be such assholes.

Towards the end of the vigil I saw a crying woman and approached her. Her name was Debra Rubio and she had just lost her son Carlos. She told me that her son had been killed by police recently. She told me in tears that Sandy policemen had threatened her son and her husband that they were going to fuck them up beforehand. She told me that her son had been missing for about 10 weeks and they had just found his bones. Autopsy didn't show anything. The whole time that this happened she was crying extremely hard which gave me a feeling of incredible sympathy. We shared stories and I told her that I was sorry that we have to live in such a system in which murder is considered the right thing to do. She was incredibly nice and told me everything about what happened. She came to this vigil from Sandy because her daughter was dating Fouad Kaady. We both believed that that was a coincidence that her son had died as well as her daughter's boyfriend near similar dates. She told me that one of the police officers that had killed Fouad was named William Bergen; she wasn't sure about the spelling. Her son Carlos was a half Mexican, half white car painter. He liked to ride LowRiders, and enjoyed painting cars. When her son was missing she automatically knew the cops had something to do with it because of previous threats. When no one would listen to her family, her husband asked a cop where his son was and they arrested him for disorderly conduct. She cried and I hugged her and cried a little myself. I'm just so sorry that things like this can be ignored and not brought to justice. She was proud of her son and was devastated of his death. She told me she would keep on fighting until this issue was brought to justice. It was an experience I will never forget.

get up 22.Sep.2005 05:27

stand up

stand up for your rights. get up stand up dont give up without a fight.

that is sad 22.Sep.2005 06:43


we are in 2005, and there is so much hate amount people.when this is going to stop."help us go we need you more than ever"

Separation of People and State 22.Sep.2005 07:47

Sixpack6t9 sixpack6t9@yahoo.com

As long as we, as a people, allow the government to separate people from the government, we will forever be on the losing side. People ARE the government, so to separate us only allows them to see us as insignificant. We must stand in solidarity with anyone that is trampled beneath the so-called "wheels of justice", because if they can do it to one, they can do it to all. I take this very personally, regardless if the victim is black, white, hispanic, male, female or "other". Allowing them to divide us ensures that we will be conquered. Solidarity--It's not just for anarchists anymore!

A vigil or protest on their own turf? 22.Sep.2005 08:07

Marleen A

Any thoughts on a vigil or protest in the city of SANDY,
or possibly OREGON CITY, the county seat of Clackamas county?

My heart and thoughts go out to the murdered young man and his family members.

Unexplained Arab-American shooting 22.Sep.2005 15:51

Jody Paulson

This isn't the first time.


Thanks bEn 22.Sep.2005 16:59


You wrote an excellent article about this happening, bEn. Thank you. We do need to remember that ordinary citizens are being terrorized daily by those we once thought were our friends.

Sandy vigil 22.Sep.2005 19:54

zaki prozak@tmail.com

I have been threatened that if we dare go to Sandy and try this the police would make us sorry for trying such a thing on their turf. I went there with several family members after fouads funeral and was almoast taken down for having a video camera, the cop told me that it was illeagal. They seem to think that Sandy is a town of its own with its own laws. If we oganize a vigil there we would really need legal people and a lot, really a lot of cameras. Also I stated that the family already have an attorney, but I found that I was wrong, they only hired an investigator. A nice lady by the name os catherine told me that she has a center, or that she knew attorny's who speacalize in case like this. Please someone put me in touch with her. Thankyou so much, his mom was so happy that people understand what their family is going through and it helped her incredibly. Thank you all so much.

Dear Zaki 22.Sep.2005 20:06

bEn chilipoppers987@yahoo.com

I'm sorry I didn't get to see you at the vigil. If you want videoistas and legal support I will film, and have a comrade or two with me to help with legal advice. Make sure that you hold the vigil on public property that way they cannot do anything to you. My email is at the top if you want to organize a vigil contact me and I will help you out. If the police do anything to you guys expect their asses to get sued.


Film 22.Sep.2005 21:03


I can be there to film as well, along with bEn.
Let me know if anything is planned.
I really feel for you and would love to help.

dude, when somebody offers you help in person 22.Sep.2005 22:41

get their contact info before you leave

zaki 23.Sep.2005 00:56

zaki prozak@tmail.com

I have printed all of this info, so I will have your contacts for help
thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

vigil 23.Sep.2005 05:56

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

better to hold vigils on private property with written permission, if held on public prop then the cops can claim interference with public access or some such garbage. the people are not the government, our ancestors did that by allowing the def. of militia to be changed to MILITARY, electoral colledge, free speach zones, etc.. we now live in a police state controlled by the corporate government. the last several presidents have been big in corporate operatioins and go back to the corporate as soon as they leave "public" office, overt or covert. heil bush!

zaki 23.Sep.2005 08:07

zaki prozak@tmail.com

That is a good idea, if we had someone who lived by the city hall or the police; we would have permission and maybe even could ask them to leave, that is if the homeowner is not too scared. I think I ,might know someone.

My Old Friends the Kaadys 26.Sep.2005 10:44

Connie Thompson Jackson jackson.connies@sbcglobal.net

I knew Fou Fou as a toddler and young child. His mother Samira babysat my daughter Jessica after school. I know Vania and Andrea Kaady. I know Rachad Kaady. These are the people who are our loving Lebanese/American neighbors. They came to America for peace and for refuge. They love America, but mostly they love family. They loved my child as their own. They introduced me to Lebanese food and Lebanese customs. When I was tired after working all day, they fed me Lebanese food and cared for me as is the Lebanese loving custom. My daughter is now grown. She remembers with happiness the time she spent in the Kaady home. I was fortunate to live next door to the Kaadys and have them share their love and kindness with me and my daughter. I now live in Los Angeles. My husband is a federal law enforcement officer. We are stunned by the events that led to the death of Fou Fou. I was in Portland on Friday night. I stopped by to see the Kaady family. Even in this horrible time of grief they invited me in and shared their love and hospitality with me. They insisted that I eat Samira's delicious homemade bagels. "Do you remember the bagels I used to make?" she asked me. Of course I did, they are still the same. She also makes homemade yogurt. We became friends years ago because she wondered if she could take some grape leaves from my vines to make other wonderful Lebanese dishes. This is the woman who gave life to that beautiful boy. The pain I saw on the Kaady's faces Friday evening was heart wrenching. The grief of their souls as it was expressed in their body language was something so sad that it can not be expressed. The joy of the young child I knew has been taken from them. There can not be anything sadder. They told me the police had asked to take Fou Fou's cell phone. His father in his grief gave it to them. He later would call the cell phone to hear the recording of his son's voice on the voicemail. When the police realized this grief-stricken father was calling, they disabled the phone. I understand there are police protocols. But can't the phone be turned on again for a grieving family? I ask the Sandy Police Department or Clackamas County Police or whichever agendy has Fou Fou's phone, please do not destroy the recording of his voice. Whatever the circumstances around his death may be, your officers killed the only son the Kaadys had. His voice is all his family has left. The sound of Fou Fou's voice could help his parents through these days. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TURN THE PHONE BACK ON!!!! Connie Thompson Jackson


Still questions 04.Oct.2005 21:37


It's been a month now, has anyone heard more? They should have had a blood test or autopsy to show he didn't have drugs in his system? Did they take photos to prove he was badly burned and hurt? Have they found 'any' remains of clothing or the polices 'hidden weapon' they 'thought' he 'might' have?
Are the police going to pay for what they did? Have they checked tire tracks at the college to see if they matched? There are so many unanswered questions. We need to put closer to this and let his parents know their son was good and not crazy. Fouad was much loved and I still can't get over this and am still sickened and saddened by this awful tragedy. People need to keep in touch and not forget and let it go by the wayside. Our prayers are still with the Kaady family.

INSULT TO INJURY 10.Oct.2005 18:08

J .S. tskudas@msn.com

Talked with a reporter today. This is a month uld and nothing coming out on this. Highly unusuall I'm told. Most investigations such as this are wrapped up in a week or two. If you know anything about clackamas county, then you understand that most likely that the sherrif, John Foote D.A., the county commissionairs, Coroner, and the officers that did the shooting are meeting in secret with some of the best spin doctors on the planet figuring out the best way to absolve themselves of wrong doing and make This victim of murder out to be a mad man. Believe me, there is absolutely nothing these slime balls won't stupe to. Perjury, fabricating evudence, creating favorable wittnesses, and even murder if nessasary, are all in a days work with this crowd of sick power hungy sociopaths. We can fight like hell for justice and the truth but in the end they will most likely prevail because this is their game and we must play by their rules.
The public is easily swayed by propaganda and false press reports in these cases and will not beleive how evil these people are because it has never happened to someone in their family.
Ask yourself this: How is it that other professional civil servants such as fireman, mental health workers, correction officers, can get through entire careers being confronted with equally dangerous and volitile situations with out the need to blow someone away with the lethal force that killed Foud Kaady>? It's training and humanity, thats what it is.

These cops were trigger happy cowards that should never be able to posess guns or serve the public again

my feelings 11.Oct.2005 17:21

anz loves fou

The disgusting reality brought on by your dirty hands, trying to cover up the truth of your dispicable existence. Darkness will not prevail. The light will persecute your soul continually, only to condemn your lousy excuse to survive among what we call humanity. You have chosen to murder my righteous brother now you must reap the consequences. There is no hope for you or your false identity, bound for torment, be prepared to partially die each day, each minute through the eyes of my brother, burning in your consciousness. Do you have a conscious or are you completely controlled? Please tell me how one maintains to function, when your only source is demonic influence. You take the physical, but you will never touch our souls. You destroy our reality, but we will never accept your fucked up illusion. There is no truth in you. There is no power in you. You have been exposed through this inexplicable disaster. Exposure of the darkness that lingers within the bodies of the weak. Taking our Prophets from the earth and placing them in the fields of power and light to overcome and conquer your illusion of the slavery of our souls. You can attempt to extinguish our physical strength, our sanity, and our peace, but you will never mask the power of our souls. The Karmic rupture you have created with your hands will only bring you the amount of grief and torment you deserve.



Craig Roberts
Clackamas County Sheriff
Oct. 12, 2005

Dear Craig;
Let me see if I have this right. Foud Kaady, the naked, severely injured, and UNARMED man, cowardly shot down in cold blood was simply a "Subject involved in bazaar criminal acts". The Sandy officer and Clackamas Deputy that committed this cowardly act, are real people with a history of public service , professional training and good deeds behind them.
The thug that works under you is even a member of the Honor Guard and the Clackamas County Negotiation Team. That's real good Craig. Did you and your spin-doctor pals just graduate from a Propaganda 101 class.

I have to tell you point blank Craig, both you and your PIO, Jim Strovink,
Are disgusting low life pieces of shit to stoop to this kind of inexcusable and irresponsible insult to the injury that both the family of Mr. Kaady and our community have suffered over this horrendous cowardly act of senseless violence.. I have followed a couple of other cases through internal investigations and the courts since you took office and have a real good picture of what kind of a corrupt, and manipulative socio-path you are. You might fool a few morons in the community with this style of "Garbage Journalism", but the rest of us will be keeping a close eye on what kind of illegal and dishonest conduct comes from your office in an attempt to cover this up or change the facts.
I am a community activist and had a pretty open relationship with the past two Clackamas County Sheriffs. So far the letters I have written to your department since you took office have all been unanswered and ignored. Well that's fine Craig, because they are all a matter of record and just one more piece of evidence pointing to how you are a total failure as an administrator, and lack any kind of character, or connection with the public that put you in office. I supported your campaign because as many, I wanted to insure that Mr. Detloff moved on. It is now clear what a mistake that was and I am officially asking that you resign. I'm sure you must have some good qualities and strengths, but believe me being sheriff of Clackamas County is not one of them.

Mike Severin
P.O. Box 283
Welches OR. 97067

Clackamas County Press Release 12.Oct.2005 19:20

Mike Severin


Press Release from: Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
2223 S. Kaen Rd.
Oregon City, OR 97045

The Clackamas County Sheriffs Office releases the names of the officer and deputy involved
September 10th, 2005 11:21 AM

The Clackamas County Sheriffs Office announces the names of the two law enforcement officers involved with the fatal shooting of Fouad Kaady, of Gresham, on Thursday, September 8th, 2005.

Fouad Kaady is the subject investigators believe responsible for a series of bazaar criminal behavior prior to his combative and fatal encounter with a Clackamas County Sheriffs Deputy, and a Sandy Police Officer on SE 362, in Sandy.

Law enforcement and rescue personnel responded to a reported hit and run vehicular accident on Bluff Road at 1:30 PM Thursday afternoon. This was to be the start of a series of crimes, which rescue personnel received at the time involving at least three hit and run vehicle accident victims, a suspect vehicle fire, a citizen assault, and reports of a naked male subject; who had jumped on to the top of a female drivers vehicle on SE 362nd and was pounding on her sunroof. All of which occurred within a 30-minute time span.

A Clackamas County Sheriffs Deputy and a Sandy Police Officer engaged this naked male subject on SE 362, who was later identified as Fouad Kaady, of Gresham.

Kaady was reported to have been naked, with no shoes, combative and out of control while these two officers issued commands to Kaady. Subsequently, the two officers each used their Tasers in an effort to unsuccessfully gain control of Kaady. At one point Kaady was reported to have gained access to the top of the patrol vehicle. The use of lethal force, with a handgun, was then administered by at least one of the officers present. As a result of this lethal force with a handgun, Kaady died at the scene.

The Sandy Police Officer involved in this incident is identified as
WILLIAM J. BERGIN, 24 years of age. Bergin is described to be lifetime resident of Sandy. Bergin began his career volunteering as a Sandy fire district explorer in 1996, and at age 21 became a reserve police officer serving the City of Sandy. Bergin then went on to work as a police officer in Lincoln City, Oregon for approximately a year and half. A job opening became available at the Sandy Police Department and Bergin was hired for this full time position earlier this year in May.

The Clackamas County Sheriffs Office Deputy is identified as DAVID E. WILLARD, 44 years of age. Deputy Willard is a veteran law enforcement officer and has been employed in law enforcement since 1982. Previously employed with the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office, The Willamina Police Department, Portland Public School Police, and ultimately hired by the Clackamas County Sheriffs Office, as a Deputy Sheriff in 1994.

This veteran Deputy is a prior member of the Clackamas County Honor Guard, and a present member of the Clackamas County Negotiators Team, with extensive experience dealing with individuals in crisis.

Both of these identified personnel are presently on paid administrative leave from their respective departments. This administrative leave is customary in these types of traumatic events involving law enforcement officers. [End]

Contact Info: Jim Strovink, Detective
Acting Public Information Officer
Clackamas County Sheriffs Office

How can the Sandy Police be justified in what they did? 17.Oct.2005 17:51

Sarah assen1@uaa.alaska.edu

I have to say, that I work with head injuries all the time, and if Fouad was, as they say "uncooperative and combative", and the fact that he had been in a car accident and had possible injured his head, it could cause Fouad to behave this way, with a head injury, a person can become very disoriented and even combative. I work with people who have head injuries, and not knowing what they are doing, can become quite combative. So, in saying all of this, i hope that the judge or whoever can understand why Fouad may have been acting this way, but I don't kill my patients becuase they keep getting out of bed, or won't do what I ask them to, they are sick and need help, not someone tasering them or shooting them dead.

Minimun Force Needed? 19.Oct.2005 01:45

Richard Donnelly donnelly@efn.org

I was a Military Police Office in the Army and spent a period of time as a Deputy Sheriff in the Chicago area. The training then taught us to use only the minimum needed force to make an arrest. When physical force was needed it was based on Judo, throw, etc. (not based on striking, it was using pivot points to take a person down and place cuffs on them) We also did a lot of simulations called "shoot - no shoot". Based on everything I've heard about this case if I had shot this person during these simulations, I'd have been kicked out of law enfocement before I had a chance to start.

Since I've moved here to the NW, I've been astonished (and outraged) at many of the police shootings.

Head Injured 19.Oct.2005 19:28


I too work with head injured people and agree with the comments made in a prior post about Fouad possibly having a head injury. When I first heard of Fouad's behavior prior to his killing my first thought was that he had been traumatized in some way or was suffering from a head injury. I am a trauma nurse in Portland Or and my patients are often combative, disoriented, panic-stricken, and unable to reason. They need help, not violence. The only force required was enough to restrain him and transport him to a hospital. I am totally disgusted and saddened by this. On a personal note, I am heart-broken for Fouad's family and friends who have lost such a bright, sweet, and caring part of their family. I went to school with Fouad and remember how he always had something nice to say to me. He was an excellent soccer player and was always smileing. He will be missed greatly. He and his family deserve justice.
Sincerely, Selena Hair Westfall (he knew me as Selena Feuerborn, class of 1996)