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Lobbying for Immediate End to War, September 26

Help us drive home the message to Congress:
Now is the time to end the war; Now is the time to bring our troops home
On Monday, September 26, at 9 am, Veterans for Peace Ch 72, Code Pink, Oregonians Against the War, and various church related peace groups will meet at Pioneer Square then march to Oregon senators' and Portland representatives' offices to lobby for immediate end to the war in Iraq, to bring the troops home now. They will deliver letters with that message (gathered at the candlelight bridge vigil September 24 and other letter-writing campaigns).

Join us! Lobby your elected officials. Unify and show solidarity with the massive lobbying effort in Washington D.C. on the same day.

Also in Salem 23.Sep.2005 19:14

Justin--------------Patriotic Militant

If you live in Salem and can not make it to Portland, there is also a protest going on in Marion Square Park in downtown Salem at 1:00pm. Let's show these pigs and oppressors what were made of.