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Medical Marijuana Doctor fined $26,000

The News4Neighbors.org website is running an article on Dr. Leveque, the Molalla based doctor who helps run the THCF clinic in Portland.
Dr. Leveque
Dr. Leveque
At the Hempstalk festival of a couple weeks ago we caught up with Dr. Leveque an Oregon doctor and osteopath who has practiced medicine for over fifty years. The doctor is not currently practicing as a result of having had his license pulled by the state medical board, which also fined him $26,000.

Full Story at News4Neighbors

homepage: homepage: http://www.news4neighbors.net/article.pl?sid=05/09/21/1327222

medical marijuana 23.Sep.2005 22:43

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

check in the physicians desk reference ( pdr ) marinol

Government On War Path, Know Regime Is Enemy, Know Truth 24.Sep.2005 13:09

Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone

Help save the doctor by searching for those who are terrorizing his life, put them on camera, and then share their faces and stories with us. I am proposing collectives to take on account all of those who terrorize honest men like the doctors.

US government is a bought out whore and only sells whores drugs. There is not enough profit for the war regime in legal marijuana.

No time like the present to settle debts and balance scores.

Mobile Audit Club, planning for the wars of today and tomorrow, free videos of abuse with free music and defense systems designs and comedy


Music Videos To Save The Wood and Lighten the Dr.'s Day 24.Sep.2005 14:05

Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone

I have linked my favorite song below, and it is on an Indy.org article. The song is Titled, Stone Cold In My Electric Chair, and the second is titled, Big Federal Dick Up My N'awlins Big Easy Bud Hole.

The song to save the Wood, Stone Cold In My Electric Chair, is at this link and is followed by a 15 second introduction, in windows streaming media format . The video in New Orleans was only a few months ago. The area filmed is now gone. Global Warming and decimation of our cities and the government sells me a flat Bush Joint. Piss off is our signal to their hounds from Hell. Go Home.


The other song, Big Federal Dick Up My N'awlins Big Easy Bud Hole is in mp3 or you can watch a video and catch it at the end. Here is the mp3 linked on a New Orleans Indymedia article


Or you can catch it on windows video, and it is at the end of this video and starts with the Saint Ram Bone nude video shot.