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Candlelight Vigil forn Fouad Kaady 6:30 PM Wednesday 9/21/2005

Fouad Kaady was killed by police unjustly 2 weeks ago. We need to support the communityu and demands anwsers from those that aree supposed to serve and protect!
His pickup truck ran out of gas around a mile from his parents home in Gresham. He got the truck to Ricks fencing. He forgot his phone at home so he could not call anyone for help. So he ran to his parents home , picked up his Mothers Buick,(his mother was out of town at the time,) grabbed a gas tank and filled it up. When he got to Ricks fencing his truck was towed. It was parked on private property. It was towed out to Sandy.. So Fouad headed out to Sandy in his Mother's buick with the gas tank in his car. Fouad a smoker, lit up a cigarette in the car.. From there unsure exactly what happened. We knew he was the gas tank caught fire in the car. Causing him to drive recklessly and hitting two cars. He ran out of his car indulged in flames and ripped his clothes off. He suffered serious head injuries from the wreck. He ran onto a guys property asking him for help, the guys saw him as a crazy naked man chased him with a bat. In defense of himself, Fouad kicked him. The man claimed he was trying to help. Shortly later two cops arrived at the scene, they sat him down and he kept standing up. They eventually tased him 10 times, with 50 volts of electricity. Being bloody and naked the cops did not want to touch him. He would fall but stood back up. Eventually jumping on a cop car the police officers shot him in the chest 5 times killing him. Fouad was a good man that did not believe in violence. He loved people and was harmless. A father of a Mexican kid was at the funeral,apparently his son was killed and his body was found in the the woods of Sandy. His son had complained for some time about the Sandy officer harassing him. When the father found out that Fouad was an Arab he wanted to learn more. The Sandy police department would not help with his murdered son.

We need justice, but if the police are found liable it would bankrupt Clackamas county and Sandy. They will do everything they can to cover it up. I ask of our community stand up and prevent this from happening again. The police initial report indicated that he was a psycho who was wanted for hit and runs. Fouad was a beautiful person who did not use drugs. The local medial initially attacked his character based on the info that was released by the police spokesman. Please, Please, HELP!

kaady 20.Sep.2005 22:57

scared to say

I am friends with somone here in Sandy who knows this cop. He said that he is not worried because he knows he will not get in trouble. He is panning a trip to Vegas durring his paid leave. I am going to be there for you guys tomorrow night.

handcuffes 20.Sep.2005 23:08


I will be there. Anyone who believes in justice and does not come to support is a COWERD.

Why don't you call the lawyer who keeps offering you help? 20.Sep.2005 23:14


I don't get it--why keep complaining to PIMC when you have lawyers who specialize in police misconduct offering you help. We can't help you at this stage--you need to call those attorneys and let them file suits against the bad cops. Please.

pigs 21.Sep.2005 00:29


thats it! thats it! we failed kendra jones but this is the last straw. the pigs better look out./
i will be there tomorrow also! i have had it.

kaady 21.Sep.2005 00:31

zaki prozak@tmail.com

Fouad Kaady was one of the gentlest loving person I knew of. He was a true giver and a joyful person. A friend ran out of gas and was taking him some so that he could get home. He must have been smoking or something when it ignited in his car. He then was out of control when he hit another vehicle; he was probably so scared that he kept going. He finally pulled his car over and jumped out. Most of his clothing was already melted to hi body, but he tore of what he could. His face was completely burned off as he ran wildly in shock. The "good Samaritan" who supposedly tried to help him and was kicked was actually coming at him with a bat and yelling that he get of his property (you know how them Sandy folks are about they're property). When the police arrived, not an ambulance or fire truck, they tazered him ten times, then when he would not settle down they shot him five times (once in the head). So he was burned, then electrocuted, then finally died when he was shot FIVE times. He was almost blind. I cannot imagine his agony, confusion and pain.

Wednesday at 6:30, we are going to pioneer square in Portland for a candle light vigil and to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We should not have to live in fear for our lives. He had 0 drugs in his system. This could of happened to anyone. I was involved in the Kendra James protests and meeting, but I never thought it would actually happen to someone I knew.

kaady 21.Sep.2005 00:34

zaki prozak@tmail.com

I don't know why they have not released the investigation. I don't know if one or both shot him. Clackamas County is real scarey and corrupt. They will not answer to anybody. Both officers are on PAID leave (vacation). There are so many questions that they will not answer to. All I know is that when they finally do release the investigation that they WILL clear the officers and put them with guns back on the street. I heard that they used SHOTGUNS, that is just plain gross. Witnesses say he looked like he was painted red, how unnerving, that's how burned he was. The media portrayed him as a "bloody naked man". Not one mention that his entire body was burned. The media makes me sick. We do know that the results showed NO DRUGS IN HIS SYSTEM. Anyone who was that badly burned would be freaking out. His face was burned off, he was almost blinded. Maybe the cops felt that they were putting him out if his misery. They say that he jumped on top of the police car which made them fear for their lives, are they for real? That put them in fear for their lives? They are more than murderers, they are sadistic to first tazer this kid ten times, then shoot him five times with shotguns. I cannot comprehend it, I just can't. No wonder the casket had to be closed for the funeral. How can someone who is supposed to protect the community do this, even if he was an Arab. He should of been life flighted to a burn center.

Why Portland and not Sandy? A cop there almost took me down for trying to video tape, he told me it was illeagal. And then there is also the commute, besides if it's not a PPB crime they might be less aggresive towards us, and trust me, the Sandy Police, the Clackamas County Police, and the Sandy mayor are going to hear about this. Fouad Kaady has over 600 relatives in the Portland area including the former govener of Oregon Victor Atiyeh. They have defently crossed the line on this one.

Please come and stand with us, PLEASE!
6:30 at Pioneer Square. HELP US. PLEASE HELP

murdered kid 21.Sep.2005 00:36


me and my family are going to be there. this makes me sick.

concerned citizen 21.Sep.2005 01:15


I will be there to stand with you. This is the cruelest thing I have ever heard of. Moreover, to think that one of the bastards that shot him will be vacationing in Vegas while on his paid administrative leave makes me want to puke. Those filthy skums. Fouad was such a beautiful person. The media is no better than those dirty cops. It makes me sick how they portrayed Fouad who at the time was already fighting for his life. How did a naked man that was painted red from 3rd degree burns covering his body threaten these coward police? He was on the top of the police car when they shot him. How could that make them feel threatened for their lives? Those cowards, they will have to live with this one for the rest of their lives too. I hope it eats and tears at their souls until their day comes. We cannot let this B.S go on any more. Fouads family and friends and the community have my support 100%. Everyone please, stand up and voice your concerns. Enough is enough.

lawyer 21.Sep.2005 05:23


The immediate family already has an awesome lawyer and hired their own investigator, which I know to be one of the best. Its not about lawyers right now, its about murder.

Pain or Aggression 21.Sep.2005 08:09

a clackamas resident and activist

Thank you for these posts. I have been following them closely. This recent post answers many questions I had. It's difficult to speak for something when so many details are confusing. I sympathize deeply with the family.

Yeah, Clackamas County is pretty backwards. Best wishes fighting them.

In many of these cases, including Rodney King's, I often wonder if pain is mistaken for agression. Who will lie flat when they are in excruciating pain? I haven't heard other discussion of this subject, but this is such a clear and tragic example.

vigil 21.Sep.2005 08:19


They call it a Vigil, I call i revenge.I will take care of this one. Dam me if the sloppy Pigs are going to keep killing my brothers and sisters.

Dont Let This Get Brushed Aside !! 21.Sep.2005 08:34


I called the Sandy Police Dept and got a woman on the other end of the line who seemed somewhat amused by my call. In response to my questions , all she could say was that I didnt know all the facts. I asked her which facts I was ignorant of and she just laughed. We need to put so much pressure on the media that they have to respond to this. I called the Sandy Chamber of Commerce and told them that my business would no longer set foot in Sandy and that we would not spend a dime there until the officers involved in this murder are in prison (fat chance)
Dont let these bastards get away with this!!! Does anyone know the names of the officers that murdered this kid ?
Phone #s Sandy Police Dept. 503-668-5566
Sandy Chamber of Commerce 503-668-4006
KATU news 1-800-777-5288
KGW news ( has run more coverage of this story than any other local news) 1-503-226-5000

ANARCHIST 21.Sep.2005 08:51


i am right behind you brother.

KAADY 21.Sep.2005 09:00

ZAKI prozak@tmail.com

I know its confusing, they won't give us any info on what happenend. Its killing us

Expect angry youth 21.Sep.2005 09:25


You better expect me there, and don't expect me to be very happy either. I have had enough. They have tasers and yet they still shoot people. Don't expect me to take the sidewalk.

Worldwide Attention! 21.Sep.2005 09:26


This story was just posted on www.whatreallyhappened.com ! Keep posting this story! Thanks to Michael Rivero of WRH for helping get this story out !

Damn pork by-products 21.Sep.2005 09:26


I hope shithead #1 loses his ass in Vegas and the rest of 'em all go to jail with #1 and the warden announces them as ex-cops. Cons don't like cops...

Justice? 21.Sep.2005 11:06


I know this lady who's beutician said she knows the wife of this Sandy cop who might have shot this kid. She said they tortured this misunderstood kid before they tazered him 60 times. Hey boneheads, don't believe everything you read on Indy Media. You weren't there. You have no idea what went on that night. And Oh by the way... why don't you hold your candlelight vigil in Sandy's "livingroom." See how accomidating the Sandy Deputies are compared to the Portland Cops who let you get away with whatever you want at your justice protests.

Beware of CoInTelPro 21.Sep.2005 11:06

Cloak And Dagger

I noticed a couple of comments that bordered on advocating violent activity. Beware that this is the M.O. of CoInTelPro Agents Provocateur who used this method to discredit the Anti-War movement in Vietnam Era America. They want you to get rowdy and violent to give them an excuse to "crack down".

CoInTelPro types, whether Feds or Local Pigs, use this tactic to get people to do things which will discredit the honest protest and will attempt to turn it into an unruly mob or outright riot. This then allows the Pigs to come in with Clubs and Tasers to exercise "Crowd Control". This gives them a double whammy - they get to beat people up and jail them and the local Media Whores will then play it as a bunch of Protesters who got out of hand.

By all means protest and fight the good fight, but remember - that clown advocating violent activity is either stupid or, more likely, works for the Government at some level. It's his/her job to get you to do things that provide an excuse for Police State Tactics. This was shown in Seattle, on the East Coast, Oakland, etc., ...

So, don't forget - that dirty scruffy looking Dweeb advocating getting violent is probably a government Stooge.

no more 21.Sep.2005 11:18


How can a Pig go to Vegas after torturing and killing someone during his paid leave?
We failed Kendra but I have had it too. I will be there, but sorry if I am going to start our paybacks.

Cloak And Dagger 21.Sep.2005 12:32


"The best revenge is living well." - Anatole France

The most effective protest is one that get's POSITIVE attention and response. Violence runs counter to that.

If you want to nail the Pigs help force an investigation and donate to a War Chest to levy Suit. It's more effective too.

As long as "they" can get away with it. 21.Sep.2005 12:51


Isn't it about time every one of you find a way to exercise your civil POWER over these bastards ?

Why not learn about your duties and responsibilities by starting with becoming a responsible juror or grand juror. Go to  http://www.fija.org/

As long as "they" can get away with committing crimes, then "they" are in control.

Also by learning to be an effective juror or grand juror you will also learn that this is for your protection.

Study, teach, and take positive steps for change. Remember "they" love division, diversion, and distraction, from YOU being able to take responsible steps.

Peace be with you all for we will certainly need it in the future.

bEn 21.Sep.2005 13:00


No one is advocating violence.

boneheads? Zaki 21.Sep.2005 13:13

zaki prozak@tmail.com

Then they tazered a completely burnd kid 60 times? Then shot him with Shotguns? Why do they not release info on it? Don't worry, scumhole Sandy will get there's too. Thanks for supporting the idea that Sandy police are ignorant and out of control. I was already lied to by a cop who told me that it was illeagal to video tape. THE LAW IS THE LAW, EVEN TO THE SANDY POLICE. How would they greet a candlelight vigil for a dead kid? You said it. You should keep your mouth shut. People should be treated like HUMAN BEINGS, something that Sandy does not do according to you. Last time I checked, Sandy was in the USA, and that obviously means more to other people than those in Sandy. You should be so ashamed for writing what you did. You have no idea how enlightened this kid was, a true Orthidox Christan who's family came from were Jesus himself taught. But some people like you are just not worthy of those values. I am not scared of the Sandy police or its racist people.
And your right, the reason it's in Portland is because the Sandy goverment are a bunch of mongers who would probably hurt, if not tazer 60 times or shoot peolpe with shotguns, and also fouad grew up, and loved portland.

Please THIS IS A PEACEFULL GATHERING, do not give them any excuses to tazer us, I could just see them beating the parents of this murdered kid. Then the news would really havea hayday, but then again maybe that's what we need.

my prayers are with you all 21.Sep.2005 14:02

rasha qrswave@yahoo.com

I live in NY and I was directed to this post from Whatreallyhappened.com.

It's a tragedy and a national disgrace that an unarmed, half-naked man, covered with third degree burns can be shot and killed by so-called law enforcement officers, and the story can go uncovered by the mainstream media! These officers must be held accountable!

I am NY and can't come out to support you, but my prayers are with you and the young man's family. God bless you, and stand firm!


"revenge" comments 21.Sep.2005 14:12


I agree that police or other's may be provocating with above comments.

BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY 21.Sep.2005 14:33


Malcolm X couldn't have said it better. Watch the film clip...And check out WWW.MM-X.TV. Peace.

Sandys disgrace 22.Sep.2005 02:02

angry aussie

I am disgusted with american cops,where else but america could cops torture,shoot and leave for dead a young man who is obviously burning to death.These cops are the reason we call cops PIGS!I am relieved to read all the letters of outrage at this attrocity,knowing that americans won't stand for this crap gives me hope that most americans are still decent people willing to fight for justice.God help america and bless her people.

TIME IS NOW 14.Oct.2005 17:41


the grand jury is monday and tuesday, october 17 and october 18 at the
clackamas county court in oregon city to decide on the actions of the officers that killed fouad kaady when he was burned injured naked and unarmed.
please, friends, family, and citizens let's make an effort to be there even for a short time. our presence will send a message to the court that there are people that care and expect accountability and justice. if it's not you this time it could be you next time. there is power in numbers. god bless
you and god bless america.

people of color beware 22.Oct.2005 21:48


At first they come for them ; then they came for us. Now, they are here for me. People in Oregon should note that when nothing was done about the James and Perez killing, it became open season on all people who do not look totally white(even women). The sad part is that the police killed a young black woman and a jury acquitted the police "man". The James and Perez killers looked straight out of the Nazi army, and as if they were on steroids. It was a sad day in Oregon history and showed the true nature of this state. Good luck to this family getting justice in this state. That family was very attractive, yet had olive skin. As far as police are concerned in Oregon, dark skin is a weapon and deserves to be killed. You can bet the police did not miss the ethnicity. This is the reason no blacks from the New Orleans disaster would officially come to this state, and no formal relief stations were set up in Oregon. Yes, there were individuals, but nothing official.

No way they would have electrocuted a white kid 10 times. God bless and help this poor family. Amen