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Photos from today's Boise Cascade protest

Back2theWALL protest in front of the Boise Cascade office in Lake Oswego!
"Keep your word" Boise Cascade
Joe Keating speaks to the protestors in front of the BC building
Joe Keating speaks to the protestors in front of the BC building
The bio-diesel bus named
The bio-diesel bus named "Cool" brought forest defenders to the protest
Boise Cascade reached an agreement with the Rainforest action network not to log old growth, but are currently doing just that in both the B&B fire sale and in the Fisher sale in Washington state.

Back2theWALL and the bus named "Cool" decided to confront Boise at it's Oregon distributorship in Lake Oswego and demand that they "Keep their word" not to log old growth.
$ LIGHT IT , FIGHT IT , LOG IT $ 20.Sep.2005 16:53


there is good reason to believe that OUR national forests are under a threat , the likes of which we have never seen before ! i am refering to arson caused fires that lead to " salvage logging " which is a very lucrative proposition for the Bush loving timber barons. even wilderness areas are under threat because once they burn they are in play under the Bush - leave no marketable tree behind agenda - that he refers to as the " Healthy Forest Plan. "
the little prick was out here in Oregon promoting said plan when the B&B COMPLEX fires were burning and he made sure to use the fire as a backdrop for his speech in Redmond. these fires sprang up under very suspicious circumstances JUST TWO DAYS BEFORE HE WAS DUE TO ARRIVE IN OREGON !!
there has been some extensive investigation done on the cause of these fires that points directly to POLITICAL ARSON. boise cascade is now cashing in on this travesty...... while the governor sits idly by and lets it happen. this should not stand , there should be an immediate injunction against any further logging and the investigation into the cause of these fires should be reopened by the governor.

More details please? 20.Sep.2005 19:14


Can you please say more about this? I'd like to know more about why people were there, and what happened. What was said, did anyone listen, what next? Thanks very much to the people who went there, too.

original article feature 20.Sep.2005 19:52