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Truth Mirror

A solution to the problem of George Bush and the neo-cons.
Arthur Blessit was wheeling his 96-pound cross through East Texas. I was saved and the meeting was packed. The Lord was calling on each of us to give what we could. I had $500 in my pocket to get me to Houston, Texas where I planned to stay with my aunt. I gave it all willingly - the first time. I just hitchhiked to Houston. I got suspicious after that.
Then there was the time all these businessmen were getting saved and rallying for the Lord in Houston. I was sitting in the back of the banquet hall and the lights were flickering just over my table and not at any other table. I paid attention to these kinds of details in case the Lord was speaking to me.
Word got around that Arthur Blessit had led George Bush, Jr. to the Lord in a coffee house in west Texas. That was some news, 'cause we were all concerned about the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, and H.W. Bush with his Nazi connections.
It was during that period, that Loren Cunningham came to town. He was the leader of Youth with A Mission, and through him we could go into Africa or into the jungles of the Amazon. He said something at our meeting and I went up to ask him a question. That was when I first started to understand about the mirror. Some person broke in line. I just waited. When I got to Loren, he took one look at me, and dropped his pencil. He was acting guilty about something; I just could not figure out what, but I knew that I had stirred it up.
When you are trained in science, you are always looking for an explanation in the natural world that can be measured with testable results. I never really understood these experiences of my youth, but I never forgot them either. It was Brian Greene who triggered the explanation for my mirror insight in his book for the public, The Elegant Universe. He was talking about mirror symmetry and something called flop transition. String theorists needed a simple, innovative approach to reconcile infinities within their calculations. After all, they were trying to explain how the universe worked.
You're going to have to flip flop with me to get to this insight. Back when I was in that evangelical stage, I tried to convert a Creek Indian shaman to Jesus. This fellow was chosen because of his eidetic memory. He knew every chapter and verse of the Bible by memory and I went out of there, thinking that I had met Satan himself. We became friends over the years and this shaman gave me a book he had compiled of the Oral Traditions of the Muskogee Creek Nation. I was continually amazed how it explained insights only understood by theoretical physicists - like this question of the mirror - in the Creek cosmos, there is a picture of a turtle standing on a two dimensional plane. Directly beneath the turtle is its mirror image.
At present, our good ole USA is faced with an intractable political problem. George W. may have got Jesus, but he sure got a dose of the Dark Side as well. Look at the fruits of his work. Everybody I knew from anarchists to theoretical physicists was wondering what to do. I started looking at the problem of mirror symmetries internationally. Our best physicists and mathematicians were coming from India and China. In fact, we were starting to outsource our economy to Asia.
Brian Greene inadvertently gave me another clue. The best model that string theorists had to work with was something called a Calabi-Yau shape. Shing-Tung Yau, a Chinese theoretical physicist at MIT, had encouraged Brian to look for applications of his theory in nature. Theoretical physicists and mathematicians look for application of their theories by applied physicists and engineers. They just weren't getting any corroboration for their theories. I'll keep this simple, because the answer itself is simple. With mirror worlds, a theoretical physicist can expend enormous amounts of energy generating complex models, and create giant colliders to test their theories. Or - they can flip to a mirror world, and solve the same problem with a minimum of effort.
I started to get it, when Brian explained the psychology of a physicist and a mathematician. "Physicists are more like avant-garde composers, willing to bend traditional rules and brush the edge of acceptability in the search for solutions. Mathematicians are much more like classical composers, typically working within a much tighter framework, reluctant to go to the next step until all previous ones have been established with due rigor." The physicists and mathematicians hang out with each other and create artificial mirror symmetries. You might wonder how I can claim that. Remember the answer must be able to generate testable results.
I had grown up playing classical music. I knew the hours of practice required. I knew something of harmony, and how difficult it was to sight-read effortlessly - especially Chopin. When I switched to Sitar after traveling in India, I only learned the scales. I wasn't going to spend forty years to become Ravi Shankar or Nikolai Bannerjee. I did the same thing with African drums. I got the basic polyrhythms, learned how to play with both sides of the brain at once, and then went out into nature. The good classical music of the West was originally inspired by nature - take Vivaldi's Four Seasons for example.
Now, here were the testable results. I could make my garden grow by playing music. I could stir the wind and the rain just like the flickering light over my table in Houston at the Full Gospel Businessmen's meeting. Anybody can do it. I could apply string theory to nature.
Greene talked about a sphere inside of a Calabi-Yau space shrinking down to a point and pinching the fabric of space. Then a pinched Calabi-Yau space tears open and grows a sphere that expands and smoothes out its surface. Have you ever heard the saying, work within the system? Take the born-agains. They are all connected. Start changing them from within and their gurus like Pat Robertson start to crack up. Take the weather. Start engineering changes and those shaman joined to nature resist. The results are big hurricanes. (Okay, it could be anthropogenic climate change also.)
What can be done with the neo-cons? If we look at them in terms of physics, they are using a power source - mindless Christians. Just pull the plug. Expose mindless Christians for what they are. That leaves the final riddle. Australian aborigines consider their dreamtime more real that its external manifestation. Who is to say all this is my imagination or divination?
Illusion 20.Sep.2005 19:02


Very good article!!! I was reminded of a Buddhist Master who,one night,
dreamed he was a butterfly.Upon awakening,he made the comment,"Was I a man
dreaming he was a butterfly,or am I a butterfly dreaming he is a man"?
The Hindu is given his teachings.The Buddhists,ours,and the christian is given
his teachings.Each of us is only given what we are able to understand.


another solution to neo-cons 25.Nov.2005 04:22

a pianist in Turkey

These are interesting ideas. But changing people's minds -however necessary-, takes time, and the problem is urgent: They are getting stronger around the world and causing deaths and do everything to gain allies, everyday. On the other hand, we have so many other poeple who think similar to us and searching for solutions, already -as you write. We are the crowed. So let's get together! I also would like to remind that neo-con's most powerfull power source is something else: MONEY. They have what we do not have; but it is also the total of something that they got from each of us. In other words, they use the power of something that is originally ours -OUR MONEY, against us; their main source comes from our pockets. My offer is this: Let's build I campaigne for NOT BUYING their companys' products or whatever. DO NOT PAY THEM. Make a long black-list of "globalisationist" leeches, their connections etc., and protest buying from them. I know it is not very easy; they are everywhere. But still it is easier not to buy, than paying for an ideal! Without the power of their large income emerging from the consumers, they can not play their deadly games. They can even not have all those migrant brains in their hands. Let us reject being the sponsors of evil.