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Protest in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan

Join Code Pink in a solidarity protest with Cindy Sheehan this Saturday.
CODEPINK PORTLAND will join with peace activists from all over the
Northwest for a candlelight vigil on the bridges of Portland.

We stand in solidarity with the national mobilization in Washington, DC
and all over the country to demand an end to the war in Iraq. We stand
in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Families, Military Families
Speak Out, Veterans For Peace, Iraq Veterans For Peace and every single
citizen of this country and around the world who is crying for an end
to the war and occupation.


Please join us on Saturday, September 24th at 7:30 P.M. on the
Burnside, Morrison and Hawthorne bridges.

For more information:
so, here's what i'm thinking 24.Sep.2005 11:47

some kid

it makes me sad to see that portland is having a vigil for Cindy Sheehan, who is just one person exasperated with the bush administration, who ISN'T EVEN THERE RIGHT NOW, and it has to be on this weekend, the weekend of the IMF/World Bank meetings, but we're not doing shit in solidarity with the anti-IMF/WB'ers. I feel like this is a result of the radicals letting the liberals co-opt the entire concept of protest. Who cares about fucking cindy sheehan? Can someone try to explain to me why I should? She wants to speak to the president... well... I want to do the most extreme thing I can legally say I want to do to the president. I'm going to be down there tonight, but i'm going to be there in solidarity with the resistance against the IMF and World Bank. I invite others to do the same.

yep 24.Sep.2005 16:05


I agree with you, a kid. However, most people have heard of Cindy Sheehan, whereas most Americans have no idea what the IMF/World Bank does. Sheehan is a simply an effective rallying point for a lot of people.

it's about the war, not cindy 24.Sep.2005 17:45


the way I understand it the vigil is in solidarity with the people rallying in DC against the war...for those of us who couldn't make it there. it's not about cindy.