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OHSU hosting 23rd Annual Symposium On Nonhuman Primate Research for Aids

An opportunity for animal rights activists to voice their outrage at the increasing use of nonhuman primates in research.
Wednesday, Sept. 21st through Saturday Sept. 24th, OHSU and the Oregon National Primate Research Center will be hosting an annual symposium on the use of nonhuman primates in aids research. The symposium will be held at the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower. There will be a banquet at the World Trade Center. Researchers from around the country will be gathering to discuss how they can continue to exploit primates in medical research. Unfortunately, despite best efforts by activists the use of primates in research is growing. With a shortage of Rhesus Monkeys due to importation bans, the research community is turning towards other species. In 2002, a panel of investigators was convened to identify other nonhuman primate species that could be used in research. AIDS research was specifically addressed. Some of the species targeted: Pigtailed Macaques, Chinese Rhesus Macaques, and Cynomolgus Macaques. For more information on the symposium go to: onprc.ohsu.edu

Show Your Support For The Animals 20.Sep.2005 16:51


Sure hope that the Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing, In Defense of Animals and the animal activist community are planning to have a strong presence at this symposium.
Interestingly, they have a special workshop for middle and high school teachers on Wednesday from 4-7PM. Local teachers will have an opportunity to meet the researchers in person and hear the propaganda first hand. This is done of course in the hopes that these educators will in turn invite these various researchers to come into the public schools and indoctrinate the students (our children) into believing that animal research is a necessity of life.
We need to make a commitment to be there on each and every day of this coference. We need to send a very loud and distinct message to OHSU/ONPRC and all the attendees of this conference that they and the pain, torture and death they endorse are not welcomed in our city.