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Get on the bus to support the "sten" treesitters

Tree-sitters are still occupying unit 43 of the STEN Timber Sale in the Mckenzie Ranger District despite arrests and being shot at with guns and crossbows.

They desperately need our support!!!!
Support the McKenzie Tree sitters
Protest at Freres Lumber

Get on the bus with Back2theWALL
Wednesday September 21th

Pickups full of men wearing logging caps keep creeping by the site, shouting, harassing, and occasionally firing. On September 10th the Sten tree-sit in the Mckenzie Watershed was again attacked by hostiles, this time by a man armed with a high-powered compound bow shooting tri-tipped hunting arrows. One tree-sitter was hit and cut by an arrow and his 5 gallon water jug ended up with an arrow through it. On Sept 14th contract climbers working for US Forest Service Law Enforcement and Lane Co. Sheriff's evicted 2 of the 3 tree-sits in Sten unit 43. One tree is still occupied. Active logging has begun within unit 43.

Sten is located near Deer Creek hotsprings, near Sahalie falls and Ollalie Creek in one of the most heavily used recreational areas in Cascadia. The Sten Timber Sale is part of the Robinson-Scott complex of timber sales, which include STEN, FLATCO, TWISTER, ANDY, BULLIT, NUGGET and KINKO sales.

Join BACK2theWALL this Wednesday 9/21 in support of the brave people at the Sten sale.
Following the overnight stay at the Sten base-camp east of Eugene, we will go to the office of Freres lumber in Lyons Oregon (Freres bought the Sten units) and let him know what we think of his tactics of intimidation! Following the protest, we will enjoy a nice soak at Breitenbush!!!!

What: Bus trip down to the STEN timber sale followed by a protest at Freres lumber.
(Bring camping gear for an overnight stay at the base camp)

When: Wednesday September 21th 2 pm (Return to Portland Thursday afternoon)

Where: The bus will pick people up at 3020 SE Belmont (Joe's casa)

Contact: Contact Joe (503) 234-2613 Reserve a place on the bus!

This action delayed until next Tuesday 9/27 20.Sep.2005 18:46


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be unable to go down to the Sten sale this Wednesday.
This action will take place next Tuesday September 27th.

Stay tuned.......................