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Hugo Chavez thanks Hands Off Venezuela for British Trade Union work

Bolivarian Revolution
Hugo Chavez thanks Hands Off Venezuela Campaign for work in British Trade Unions
By Hands Off Venezuela   
Monday, 19 September 2005

The passing of motion 79 at the recent TUC congress was the result of systematic and patient work within the British trade union movement by the Hands Off Venezuela campaign. Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, has sent his thanks personally to Alan Woods via the Venezuelan Ambassador in London. We publish the letter and the full resolution for the benefit of our readers.

London, 16th September 2005
Mr. Alan Woods
Hands Off Venezuela

I have the honour to transmit on behalf of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, his most sincere gratitude for your diligence in achieving the approval of motion 79 presented before the TUC, as a Resolution supporting his government. President Chávez was very pleased with this Resolution and he especially instructed me to convey his testimony of gratitude.

This Resolution constitutes a milestone in our relations with the United Kingdom, as well as a step forward of great significance in the struggle against the media misinformation campaign regarding Venezuela and the actions of its government.

Sincerely yours,
Alfredo Toro Hardy


TUC resolution, including the AUT, ASLEF and TESSA amendments

Congress congratulates and supports the Venezuelan government for its utilization of the country's wealth and resources for reforms to benefit working people, the poor and the landless.

Congress notes the results of the referendum last August in Venezuela that gave President Hugo Chávez an overwhelming victory and a strengthened democratic mandate.

Congress further notes that these results confirm that there is overwhelming support among working people and the poor for the social programme of the Chávez government in relation to education, literacy, job training, health care, land reform and subsidised food.

However, Congress views with alarm the bellicose statements being made by the US Administration and its allies in Columbia and the oligarchy in Venezuela which pose a real threat to these reforms.

Congress deplores the attempts of the United States administration to intervene in the internal life of Venezuela and agrees to raise these concerns with the British government.

Congress expresses its solidarity with trade unionists in Venezuela and rejects any outside interference in their affairs.

Congress agrees to support wider trade union initiatives to highlight the issue of Venezuela within the British labour movement, including the organisation of a trade union delegation to meet and build links with Venezuelan trade unionists.

Furthermore, Congress will build and work with trade union endorsed organisations in the UK working to provide solidarity to Venezuela.

Congress is concerned about the lack of media coverage of events in Venezuela and urges the General Council to establish relations with the Venezuelan National Union of Workers (UNT) to ensure that news of trade union issues, at least, is more widely reported.

Congress notes the independent poll in July that showed over 70% support for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. It also notes the Venezuelan threat to suspend oil exports to the US if attacks on its government continue.

Congress resolves to support the Venezuelan people's efforts to preserve their democratically elected government.

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