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Leave the moon alone!

Our only hope.
Instead of investing in an expensive return trip to the moon (as planned by Presidente Bush), perhaps we humans should send out some sort of intergalactic SOS beacons with a message like the following:

HELP! Those amongst us who believed our planet was flat have developed a system of technological domination that has led to environmental degradation. Our greatest scientists (rocket & nuclear) have developed the implements of global thermonuclear war. We have forgotten the ancient techniques of effective birth control and our growing population is highly dependent on a fuel source of fossils which is half depleted. Use of this fuel has caused atmospheric warming and the sudden increase in frequency of devestating oceanic storms (also droughts, desertification, and arboreal fires). Our wine-making messiah may still float down and save us -- but doubts have arisen for obvious reasons. Apropos of that we send this improbable plea.
In the name of Mom, apple pie, and all that's holy;
Shop till you drop;
Over and out,
The homo sapiens of Earth

(please forward)

homepage: homepage: http://www.enformy.com/$homosap.html

I THINK 20.Sep.2005 10:26


we're earthlings, let's mess with earth things!

ancient techniques of effective birth control? 20.Sep.2005 15:28

think local, and stuff

As far as I know, before the industrial age the main population control method was that the infant mortality rate was very high. Medicine and sanitation, as well as the increased capacity to feed people with petroleum-machine-farmed large farms resulted in many more babies surviving to adulthood, thus the population explosion.

Don't worry about that, though, things will start going the other way as more humans become sterile from all the pesticided, irradiated, and otherwise non-healthy lifestyles (carrying cell phones on hip, etc.). Eventually, only a minority of people who don't live organic, healthy lifestyles will be able to make new people.

Whitey's on the Moon 20.Sep.2005 15:31

Gil Scott-Heron

"A rat done bit my sister Nell, with whitey on the moon... her face and arms began to swell, and whitey's on the moon.
I can't pay no doctor bills, but whitey's on the moon.... ten years from now I'll be paying still, and whitey's on the moon...

The landlord just upped my rent last week, with whitey's on the moon... Hell, I was paying thirty dollars a week, and now whitey's on the moon.
With all that money I made for Uncle Sam last year, how come I ain't got any of it here? Hmm, whitey's on the moon..."

Damn 20.Sep.2005 18:40

I love that Gil Scott-Heron

He does have a way with words. Thank you for posting that.
I heard that report about the moon-plan and became totally outraged.
Who ARE these people anyway? And when can we have our lives back?

nothing wrong with a little 20.Sep.2005 23:49

public works program in the sky

Sending people to the moon with chemical rockets is ... silly. It's not that expensive compared to, say, the military budget, which is not merely silly but harmful and evil. The moon doesn't happen to be a very interesting place. And it's got no atmosphere, so we can see everything on it perfectly well from down here.

There are places in the solar system, like Jupiter, Titan, Venus, many places, that ARE interesting and worth visiting, but not by people, who are fragile, heavy, and unreliable. Machines make much better explorers. And cheaper too.

WE MUST CONQUEROR the MOON 21.Sep.2005 00:41

Bushite dumbass

Besides the fact that Moonmen (also called Lunees) have hoarded our valuable cheese and have mocked the people of Earth with tidal forces I think in the long tradition of fear of alien invasions we must attack the people of the moon. Ronald Reagan was an advocate of preparing the Earth for such a potential alien invasion. Now before you claim I am just a lunatic let me give you some facts. First if Lunees were to immigrate to Earth they would take away valuable jobs in the cheese and tidal prediction industries. Second Lunees would destroy the high quality of living most humans have by moving in to the boxes that are in the shanty towns around the world and therefore displace countless underpayed workers in the textile industry. It gets worse Lunees are known for being very clean and often bath six times a lunar day. Their cleanliness would cause a spike in the personal hygene industry hence leaving humans to be the smelliest creatures this side of the intergalatic core. I urge us all to support an invasion of the moon. Our lives as oppressive, ecocidal maniacs depend on our actions.