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Democrat Party of Oregon Denies Candidates Access to Primary Forum

Neel Pender, the salaried Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Oregon will not allow gubernatorial candidate Pete Sorenson to speak at the October Oregon Summit, the state's largest gathering of
The Sun River event, held every two years, has traditionally
featured candidates running for the spring Democratic Primary. Candidate Sorenson, the Lane County Commisioner with populist appeal, has a grass roots campaign going which is viable enough to apparently threaten the incumbent governor. Neel Pender notified Pete of his disbarment via email.

Last Thursday the Sorenson Campaign held a "Meet Pete" gathering at the Red and Black Cafe in SE Portland. Democratic Party Volunteers and newcomers decried the narrow political process afforded to them by their own party.

"When they dismiss you, or discredit you, you know you are doing
something right," said John Lewis, Portland's Elect Sorenson Campaign Co-Chairman. "Pete has a long record of public service promoting everything from victim's rights to clean water. His tax plan will reenergize Oregon's schools and upgrade livability while shifting the tax burden off of the hard working families of Oregon. I say, let Pete speak!"

The unwillingness of the Democrat Party to heed its progressive
voice, even coopt it and thereby energize voters may condemn it to flounder defensively in the face of Republican challenger Kevin Mannix's keen issue-based campaign.

With Oregon's faltering economy, financial doldrums, failing schools and
subsequent human services depletion, Kulongoski may well be best
remembered simply as the "Funeral Governor" for these shortcomings as well as for the Oregon National Guard's continuing role in taking on the brunt of the War in Iraq.

View Pete's response to Neel Pender at:

homepage: homepage: http://www.petesorenson.com
phone: phone: 541-302-5929

What rubbish! 19.Sep.2005 20:14

A progressive Democrat

While Pete Sorenson focuses his entire campaign "machine" on one Democratic Party staffer, it's important to note that one of his potential opponents, state Sen. Vicki Walker, and his own county Democratic Party don't agree with him. The DPO Summit was not meant to be a battleground for candidates, and if Pete thinks he can win a primary by making an issue out of the executive director, he ought to do some serious thinking for a change. Pete would have better luck trying to campaign on what color tie he's wearing.
The fact is, Pete can do nearly anything he wants at the Summit, and probably will. There won't be an official debate among the candidates for governor, and that's what he wanted. A bunch of Democrats would like Pete to act like a grownup. I wouldn't advise them to hold their breath.

Pete's got it wrong, again 19.Sep.2005 20:35

Pete watcher

Here are the facts: Pete wants a candidates' forum at the DPO Summit. The other candidates don't.
Pete wasn't "disbarred" (whatever that means) from a candidates' forum at the DPO Summit, because there isn't one. No one is excluding Pete from a candidate's forum at the DPO Summit, because there isn't one.
Vicki Walker wants the DPO to hold a candidates' later in the season, when we know who all of the candidates will be. That's a good idea.

what about VT? 20.Sep.2005 01:04


Vermont proves progressive voters don't need the lame and useless Democratic Party to win elections. F*** them! Why even bother with this bogus party?!

What about Vermont? 20.Sep.2005 05:34

Former Vermonter

There are 180 legislative seats in Vermont. The Progressive Coalition holds a grand total of six of them. They hold no statewide offices, and the member of Congress linked with them, Bernie Sanders, runs as an independent. Vermont is one of the more Democratic states in the union.

Sorenson Is Indeed Being Denied the Right to Speak at the Forum 20.Sep.2005 07:47

Elect Sorenson Campaign www.petesorenson.com

Sorenson is being denied the chance to speak at the forum. In emails Pender has made it clear that Sorenson does not "fit into our program." As a Democrat I'd like to know whose program it is now? This is why we are calling it a scripted summit, something the GOP does and apparently the Democrat leadership prefers to do too.

Since Kulongoski is a candidate for governor, is it not a candidate forum?
And Walker will speak, is she not a candidate? Some people want to spin words about what a candidate ("exploring being a candidate") is or what the process should be (maybe you can be a candidate but not talk like one...I dunno) but again, when they discredit you or shut you out, you must have something great going on, something great to say

And so, we say-

Let Pete Speak!

Hear what he says about public education, taxes, public power, gambling and the Iraq War.

Read his 6 points online at www.petesorenson.com

Six Progressive Seats in Vermont! 20.Sep.2005 07:51


New England has always been a politically open place to speak. that's why there are at least six non-democrat, non-republicans in the Vermont House. I think that's great. I know they had a few socialist mayors, too. Maybe Oregon could be more open to forums and debates.

Going through the motions 20.Sep.2005 10:50

George Orwell's cousin

I get a fucking laugh out of all the people who still put their faith in the voting system. How much more proof does one need to realize it is fixed--all the way from the corporate buyout of the candidates to Diebold counting or non-counting or rigging of the votes. I am in my fifties. I used to be a life long Democrat. I quit the Republican Lite party after the 2002 elections. I am what society would call "mainstream"--wife, kids, two car garage, etc. Our system is not only broke but totally and entirely fucked up. It has consumed everything including our Democracy.

I am not going to vote anymore until there is some proof that votes really matter. Until then the rest of you can go through the feel good charade of voting and fool yourselves into believing we live in a Democracy. We live in a corporate dictated monopoly. Corporatism--pure and simple from cradle to the grave.

My cousin was right and had the foresight to predict it. Hardly anyone listened...

To GO's cousin... 20.Sep.2005 14:09

Pravda or Consequences

There is way more to being a responsible citizen than voting. The first thing is to stop with the "it doesn't matter" attitude. People have been saying (and believing) the system is corrupt before Diebold.

We don't have to play by 'their rules'. We can and should be doing the things that any progressive society needs.

I believe that most people vote with emotion because it doesn't take much intelligence to vote (the actual mechanics of it). Voting is the result of campaigning and we need to be real about what we can win. I suggest those feeling disempowered start with neighborhood associations to get your feet wet as to what the people are motivated by (besides fear) when they discuss issues that affect them.

Let Pete start with public access media. Let Pete do something that will make the other candidates take notice besides whining and force them into a debate. The Democratic Party has its own agenda, fuck 'em.

Pete threatens the DLC's status quo 20.Sep.2005 14:48

Dexter Rexter

The Democratic Leadership Council and its right wing Demo ilk have no place in their party for someone who represents the people. They have no desire for democracy in America.

Peter has a strong sense of optimism and still beleives that the party can be saved. Can it? Perhaps his campaign will answer this question for all of us who aren't completely certain it is beyond salvation.

Pete is the best chance we have had for a representative Governor in Oregon in the 11 years I have lived here but the big money and control freaks driving the Dems into the ground are terrified of him.

Speak out and be heard, at some point common sense and fiscal responsibility may come back into fashion once the voting public's asses get sore from being screwed by the Repubs and Repubs in Dems clothing.

GO Pete Go! Kick those bums out of the Democratic party office and let common sense prevail!


To my comrade at Pravada or consequences 20.Sep.2005 16:00

George Orwell's cousin

Your ass-umption that I am not involved in my local neighborhood and community is just that--an ass-umption. I am involved more than you know. I was commenting on the utter uselessness of the charade of voting. I think voting on most state (although there is some evidence they fixed some congressional and state races in 2002 and 2004 too) and local levels hasn't been "fixed" yet but will be in 5-10 years, once they get the thing down pat.

I am very active in my 'hood and alternative community in my area. When the ultimate "shit hits the fan" that is all we will have left. Local communities...the ultimate enemy of FEMA and the New World Order.

Democratic Party Bosses, Kulongowski, and the ol' Goldschmidt Mob 20.Sep.2005 19:21

Miney Moe

Just out today: SurveyUSA's poll, Kulongowski's disapproval rating has risen to 47% disapproval statewide.

 link to www.surveyusa.com


Kulongowski and his Goldschmidt cling-on advisors are afraid of SORENSON.

SORENSON has common-sense populist appeal, not only to moderates, but to fiscal conservatives, too.

Ted has led Oregon into an extended period of suffering and losses -- foreign and domestic -- and he's gambling with the future of Oregon's children in a desperate faustian bargain to hang on to power at all costs.

The days of the good ol' Oregon Democrat Party bosses and the Goldschmidt mob are rapidly winding down the drain. Finally!

SORENSON is a REAL Democrat, for a change.

Hey Party Bosses: Let Pete speak at the Demo's Summit, you self-righteous sphincters.

Miney Moe might want to consider telling the whole truth 20.Sep.2005 20:33

Pete watcher

Mr. Moe didn't tell you the whole story about the poll.
First, the poll significantly over represents independent voters, and under represents Democrats. Adjusting the poll to reflect Oregon's actual electorate, and Kulongoski actually has a positive rating.
Second, the poll shows Democrats holding a favorable view of Kulongoski by a 2-1 margin.
Third, Kulogoski's favorability rating overall moved up nine points.

Pete is a real Democrat, but some of his supporters are real doozies.

Gee thanks, Neel 20.Sep.2005 21:08

Miney Moe

Appreciate the rapid response.

Still no reason to continue trying to block Oregon's Democrat rank & file from hearing what Sorenson has to say about Oregon and its Democrat Party at their Summit.

By the way, speaking of the Summit and its scheduled events over in Sunriver, here's what one of the faithful had to say about the "Teeing It Up For Oregon Workers" Golf Tournament With Governor Ted Kulongoski:

"I find it ironic that the governor wants to play golf in Sunriver and call it the 'Injured Workers Golf Tournament.'

After my on-the-job injury and back surgery I didn't play golf, in fact, since then I have had a hard time some days just surviving the work week.


Maybe we could all go surfing in Hawaii to honor the failing Oregon Health Plan or race Hummers to the coast and call it the 'Dead Oregon Guard In Iraq Appreciation Rally.'"

Nope, not Neel 20.Sep.2005 21:38

Pete watcher

Miney, I think the DPO ought to let you speak at the Summit. You can tell everyone about sphincters.
You could also tell everyone why they should be afraid of someone who is pulling approximately 3 percent of the vote. That's pretty formidable, but I'll bet you could do just as well.
Maybe you're really Pete. The name fits.

Keep watching 20.Sep.2005 22:10

Miney Moe

Hey Not Neel,

Get over yourself, or get some help, or get better medication.

Better yet, get lost.

Nevermind, I forgot -- you already are.


"Keen, fitful gusts are whisp'ring here and there...." Keats

whatever 21.Sep.2005 04:05

go away

And why should anybody who's not a campaign staffer for one of these pathetic local politicians give a rat's ass about any of this?

You lost everybody who visits this website when you said your guy "appeals to conservatives."

Indymedia is not terribly impressed by "triangulation."

Quit twisting & making things up, and go pick up your hack cash now, "watcher" 21.Sep.2005 12:21