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Worries About Starving Pets In New Orleans May be Exaggerated.

As you can see from these pics here, the widespread worries about all the lost pets, especially dogs and cats, starving to death, are somewhat overdrawn.
Clearly, some pets, such as the enterprising hungry stray dogs above, are finding plenty of food on their own, though it's not exactly Alpo.

Some folks asked me why the MSM (mainstream media) doesn't show these pics and I said I did not know.

Clearly, the MSM have been carrying water for Bush for much of this disaster, though at the start, segments of the media demonstrated some rarely-seen backbone and stood up to Bush for once, as demonstrated in my previous post, New Orleans Is Gone. Does the media not like to show disgusting pics like this, out of ethics (sic) or worry over criticism?

Not sure what the answer is. Feel free to weigh in.

Pics from Postman Patel, a fine British blog.

One more thing: alligators. Initial posts noted that rumors of alligators in NOLA after Katrina were unfounded. However, we now have verification, via Juan Cole's blog, link to www.juancole.com that alligators are in fact lunching on folks in NOLA. Sorry folks, no pics yet. But I'm working on it.
A warning to all N.O. dogs and alligators... 19.Sep.2005 13:34

Pravda or Consequences

Do not eat humans, they are high in fat and B.S.

Uh, no, the reports are NOT exaggerated. 19.Sep.2005 13:42

the animals did not fare well

Go to HSUS website, PETA website, Dawnwatch, others facilitating rescues. The animals were left in this disaster. 8000 animals at Louisiana State University's labs (torture centers) died of drowning and dehydration and thirst (monkeys, dogs, cats, mice...). Factory farmed animals drowned. Do a little research.

Irony 19.Sep.2005 14:15

I think

I think the comment that warnings are exaggerated is intended to be ironic.

oops, sorry, Irony... 19.Sep.2005 14:48

fare well

just getting so used to the "there's nothing wrong with animals in circuses!" and "give animal researchers (torturers) a break!" comments on here that I saw it as another devaluing of animals' lives before I even really looked at the posting (while knowing how much those animals in NO suffered/are suffering).