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Nicholas Ungar Furs to Pay Fine of $40,000

Resulting in a tip to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife by In Defense of Animals, Nicholas Unger Furs is fined for at least $40,000 for selling coats and other items made from pelts of endangered or banned species. What a Victory! You can read part of the article below and get the link to the entire article.

It just goes to prove that working, In Defense of Animals, does have its payoffs!

Thanks for all you do for the animals! It's working!

SHAME ON YOU, Nicholas Ungar Furs
SHAME ON YOU, Nicholas Ungar Furs
Portland fur shop to pay fine of $40,000
Nicholas Ungar Furs is accused of selling coats and other items made from pelts of endangered or banned species

Thursday, September 15, 2005

In March, James Stinebaugh walked into Nicholas Ungar Furs and asked the boutique owner for help selecting a fur for his wife.

Stinebaugh told Horst Grimm that he was in town on business, according to documents filed in federal court. He said he was shopping for an anniversary present and wanted something "exotic." Grimm, the shop owner, showed him a leopard coat. When Stinebaugh asked to see something made from seal fur, Grimm reached for a $4,500 coat hanging on a rack.

Stinebaugh, it turns out, was a special agent with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on an undercover assignment to see if Nicholas Ungar Furs was peddling fur coats made from illicit animal pelts.

To read the entire article visit
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homepage: homepage: http://www.furisdead.com

Slap on the wrist 19.Sep.2005 10:57


$40,000 fine? That is just a couple of dead coats to them. Not enough. No lesson learned.

I noticed 19.Sep.2005 12:15

Mrs. Robinson

I noticed that the fur store looked closed the other day and it also looked empty. Did they close down? If not, I think we should start organizing protests.....yes it was only $40,000, but it could be a lot more if people were actively protesting them every week....they will lose more business. What do you think?

What a waste of money and time 25.Sep.2005 19:34

Richard West

What a waste of time and money. I mean really going after someone that has some 50 year old furs, is that our focus?? Or should the cost of that investigation been invested into really solving the problems with illegal furs. I mean there are people hunting these animals as we speak, and they are not being made into a fur coats for some old bitch, but rather they are trophies on someones wall and in there library. The Fish and Wildlife department should be embarrased about such investigations. Anyone that belives that this is a piece of justice is an idiot. I don't condone illegal activities, but some day when I am selling that pack of cigarettes on ebay (which will be illegal by then) I sure hope the the D.E.A doesn't come after me. Come on people wake up. I am sure we are all on the same side, we need to watch out that government doesn't get so big and sick that we can't do anything anymore.

Richard's right 25.Sep.2005 20:22


I recently received a beautiful Mahogany chest, made from Old growth wood. Over 100 years old. I hope that if I ever wanted to sell or give it to one of my kids someday I won't get fined. Maybe I should just burn it. Got it from my brother, He died for no reason in Iraq. Richard's right you know, watch out for the government.

Oh my god !!! 26.Sep.2005 08:29


You can't tell me that the fish and wildlife department with all the problems with endangered species is now focusing on 50+ year old items. Thats government bureacracy for you. What a bunch of fools. Looks like someone was just trying to make a name for himself (the fish and wildlife person) I guess thats how you do it in D.C.

Not what it seems 26.Sep.2005 19:32


I am an employee of Fish and Wildlife and just have to say that I have worked with Mr. Stinebaugh. Don't believe he is looking out for any wildlife issues. He is a total grandstander and is stricktly looking to forward his own career on the shoulders of everyone else. He's an Asshole !! I am embarrased about what happened and hope that everyone can see through the smoke, the selling of products harvested in 1949 is really not the issue we are suppose to be looking at. Many more important cases were set aside in order to effect this operation. Don't get caught up in the B.S. If anyone is really concerned about the environment look into what is happening from the mouth of the columbia river up to Bonneville dam. Check out the Salmon population and investigate whats really going on with its population.

Yes he is. 26.Sep.2005 22:25


I was worked with Mr. Stinebaugh, and yes, He is an ASS.

Gov't Fools 29.Sep.2005 21:11


Clearly someone trying to kick and scratch himself to the top. I mean really old furs. What next??
Looks like thats an agency that needs to be shut down. Money would be better spent on preserving wildlife than digging up graves. Might want to send Mr.Stinebaugh down to New Orleans, sounds like he's pretty good at shoveling shit.

Horst Grimm IS THE ASSHOLE 03.Oct.2005 19:28

Fur is Dead

From what I know, Horst Grimm said that the coats were really old. But how can you believe what he says? He's a money grabbing greedy murderer. I'm glad he got caught...that fur store and all the other ones NEED to close.

Horst Grimm is one of the nicest men I know!!! 17.Oct.2005 20:48


Horst Grimm is one of the nicest man I have ever met and very far from the "money grubbing murderer". Unless you have actually met the man, and gotten to know him, you cannot call him names. That is pure ignorance. You may have a difference of opinion from him, but that does not make you right and him wrong.

I have actually seen the "50 year old leopard coat" and I can assure you it was not for sale. ANYONE who saw that coat would know that it was VERY dated and not something that any rational person would purchase for themselves.

Horst was brought up in a time when you didn't throw anything away. You saved scraps of tinfoil, string and paper. The tiny bits and pieces of fur left over from coats made many decades ago, that he had saved, were "confiscated" and he was touted as a big criminal. This was ludicrous!!!

I for one hope that a formal PUBLIC apology is given to Horst.

Shelley and Kevin