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E-Z Guide to the Seattle Left

Cartoon (almost a megabyte) introducing most of the important political trends and concepts in the Seattle Left. Most of it will also be relevant to Portland.
Politics as Usual (one megabyte graphic)
Politics as Usual (one megabyte graphic)
If the graphic image can be uploaded correctly -- you will be able to see it.
hey! what makes you think 19.Sep.2005 04:18

portland is just like seattle?

heh heh

that's pretty funny, ben

did you create the "media weapon" list, or are you just promoting it?

reply by Ben 19.Sep.2005 22:32

Ben Seattle

Glad you liked the cartoon.

Yes, I created the email lists used by the Media Weapon community. I will post more background soon.

Sectarian disease 21.Sep.2005 08:22


This comic fits right under sectarian disease. Everone is naive except you I suppose.