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History of HAARP Mood Mod Revisited

I recently posted some documentation regarding the early history of HAARP, since this is such a controversial subject, and generates a lot of fear. A respected friend commented in a manner below, which I see as a model of how to address such controversial subjects.
My friend who posted this below, offered me his considered opinion about my posting of HAARP Mood Mod history, as a pragmatic businessman whose father was involved with the intelligence community. As such I consider it a balanced approach to understanding weapons technology from a layman's point of view.
1) Since it appears common that many marine animals including hammerhead sharks,whales, etc., respond to both low-frequency sound waves and magnetic waves at extremedistances, and appear to exhibit behavioral differences in the presence of such phenomena generated thousands of miles away, I have no difficulty accepting the basic premise that ELF magnetic fields have a psychoactive component with certain subjects, nor with the hypothetical
extension of that to nontraditional subjects (i.e., both subjects not studied as well as non-marine subjects in less tested environments). That said, I don't know for a fact how widely practiced the generation of such fields really is. I can only point to a handful of examples I know of; for
instance, the electromagnetic and sonar "profiles" of nuclear subs and putatively suicidal and erratic behavior of marine mammals and sharks ranging from the Pacific to the Gulf coast.

2) I do know that Nikola Tesla played a key role in the setup of HAARP, so there is no denying its existence at one point. I also know that JUST the NSA is up to its eyeballs in all sorts of experimental weaponry, including non-traditional (and some non-lethal) ones such as low-frequency sound guns that make people sick. Outside of HAARP, this is evidence enough to
disprove any assertions that black agencies do NOT engage in attempts to influence state-of-mind at a distance. Once again, I am unaware of the extent of these actions or the degree to which they are of conscious intent and planning vs. experimentation and accident.

3) As always, and as does the author, I encourage investigation by those who have the time and inclination. It beats speculation, for sure. I also am quite aware that the government has ways of shutting up people who investigate too much. In IEEE's Spectrum magazine this month, a professional engineer and well-regarded fellow of the organization tells the story of how as a 14-year-old, he created a self-correcting acoustic gyroscope that was so sensitive it could detect the motion of the earth in inches. He took a prototype of the device to Sperry in Long Island, expecting to get encouragement and a scholarship, but instead was served with a Cease and
Desist letter from Sperry attorneys who claimed that the device used secret technology being developed by them for ICBM guidance systems.<> NOTE: This guy was most certainly NOT a fruitcake. P.S. You should read: "The Radioactive Boy Scout", by Ken Silverstein. It tells the true story of another amazing 14-year old who built a functioning small-scale breeder reactor in a suburb just outside Detroit.

4) I cannot comment on the liquid crystal phenomenon you describe; I have no knowledge of the particulars in any aspect, and very little therefore with which to support it. Moreover, it seems that the electrical properties of the device would be pretty weak to produce a noticeable effect in organic matter.
The acoustic gyroscope 31.Jan.2007 08:24

Richard B. Johnson rjohnson@AbominableFirebug.com

I was the teenage "inventor" cited for the gyroscope. It wasn't as sensitive as described and "self-correcting" is a
stretch because it required many adjustments (it used vacuum tubes which drift). However, it did work. It was a Science
Fair project and it was taken away from me. A rather complete example is shown in my book, Abominable Firebug.

My website to sell this book is  http://www.AbominableFirebug.com . It tells a lot about the trials and tribulations of
a kid growing up in forster homes, detention centers, and reform schools in the fifties! Yes! I had a great time in
the Lyman School for Boys, the nation's first reform school! I had a Ham Radio station, and I even invented the
"Rubber Ducky" antenna (a resonant screen-door spring). It's all in the book --and I did turn out okay. I own my own
airplane and a Hummer H2 (not too bad for one of society's throw-away kids)

Groveland, Massachusetts