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old growth and mature hemlock forests continue to fall on Mt. Hood with no resistance

trees older than any living person are being cut and dragged through native forests in the hilynx (hi north) units in the mt. hood national forest just off hwy 26.
a quick visit to the hi north units (see bark-out.org) yesterday to check on logging <i>progress</i> revealed that more huge hemlocks are being removed in units 13, and possibly unit 1. that suggests that they are finished with unit 6. i did not want to challenge the vehicle parked in the middle of 2130310 (as it had logger written all over it) so i was unable to see the situation in unit 6. at least some of the equipment has been moved south down 2130310. next up will undoubtedly be units 2, 9, and 10.... this is a beautiful area with an open forest unfortunately ridiculously roaded.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bark-out.org/tsdb/detail.php?sale=hilynx

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