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Report Back from 9th Ward by FNB

by TOC Sunday, Sep. 18, 2005 at 1:17 AM
Report Back from Food Not Bombs first full day in New Orleans

For the second day, Arizona and Hartford Food Not Bombs have made it into the "closed" sections of New Orleans to share food with the courageous people who stuck out the storm and have not had any symbolence of relief efforts in almost 3 weeks.

Yesterday, 5 people from both Arizona and Pittsuburg were not stopped while rolling through check points to deliver much needed hot food to the people who resisted the racist evacuation plan, but face an increasingly difficult situation where the government refuses to provide the most basic of survial help. 9 out of 10 people told us that it was the first hot meal they had recieved since the storm, and that aid agency are intentionally ignored the areas of New Orleans that had fought evacuation. There are many a inspiring story out of the city of people who resisted, those will be posted later. For now, people are still fighting, and creating communities unheard of in prehurricane New Orleans.
We look forward to sharing food with the 150,000 people who will technically be allowed back in the city on monday.

Help is needed in the city, as well as Algiers. Please send aid via Foodnotbomb.net, or find a group of people that can journey to the city and make change happen on the ground.