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Governor Kathleen Blanco & the federal government letting people's pets die in New Orleans

Animal welfare charities working in New Orleans and Louisiana to save animals affected by the hurricane, have repeatedly asked Governor Blanco and President Bush's federal agencies to provide more assistance. From the lack of necessary help to the abandoned animals stuck in people's homes and starving and dying on the streets of Louisiana, Governor Blanco has shown she does not care about animals, or the families and their pets in the State of Louisiana. They have done nothing despite numerous requests by people asking for them to help.
government prevented animal charities rescuers saving pets early in New Orleans
government prevented animal charities rescuers saving pets early in New Orleans
rescued dog
rescued dog
dog safe now
dog safe now
rescued horse
rescued horse
died, could not survive alone without help
died, could not survive alone without help
Take action and keep telling Governor Kathleen Blanco and President George Bush that many animals have suffered and died avoidably, and there are more animals that need help. Blanco and Bush's federal government have ignored requests for more shelters to house the large number of displaced animals. Animals are left in the streets because there is not enough space in the rescue shelters. The federal government must order the National Guards and army to help with search, rescue, housing and feeding the animals. Animal charities need their manpower and can't save these pets without their help.

Excuse found on Homeland Security website.
(U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) veterinarians and veterinary technicians are working closely with state and local officials and private groups to help rescue pets and displaced animals from storm-ravaged areas of southern Louisiana and Mississippi. USDA is supporting these efforts through veterinary care, shelter and feed for these animals, as well as facilitating reunions with their owners. Recovered pets are given a bath and vaccinated after a thorough examination. Animals recovered in Louisiana can be found on www.petfinder.com.)
You would think from this that the government are helping, but it is the animal welfare charities have done the most work, and the federal government have NOT provided the extra shelters and military personnel that animal welfare rescuers have been repeatedly said they need. Blanco has done virtually nothing to call for help for the animals.
Governor Blanco's office had the excuse that only the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center is full. But the Center takes the bulk of rescued animals and those of families who don't have permanent homes, so can't keep their family pets with them. Animal rescuers have said there are not enough places in rescue centers which is why they have to leave these sick and starving animals on the streets. With not enough space at shelters, and not enough staff because the government has ignored their appeals for help, animal charities have been forced to leave food on the streets but the animals are left vulnerable, and they are used to the affection of their families. These animals need help now.

 link to www.telegraph.co.uk Overwhelmed pet centre 'like Superdome for animals'. Most of the animals are desperate and are just trying to survive. It is people that have caused this problem. Governor Blanco let down the people of New Orleans and now she's failed them and their pets.

The government failed many animals. The levees broke, people were forced to leave their pets, they even told evacuees they could not keep family pets with them.

This is someone's loved pet and member of their family that Governor Blanco and President Bush are ignoring. These animals are suffering and dying. Not much time is left, if they ignore these animals and their families, the animals will die in a couple of days. If they cared about the people, they would care about the animals, and the animals themselves deserve to be saved.

Contact details of which politicians and agencies to call (Humane Society and PETA)
 https://community.hsus.org/campaign/katrina_governmentresponse ( www.hsus.org )
Keep calling all of your politicians and the media to let them know you are not happy that animals are dying because their government has not provided what animal welfare rescuers asked for. Demand help for the animals.

original  http://neworleans.indymedia.org/news/2005/09/5404.php
It gets worse 18.Sep.2005 10:06

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Sheriff's department is shooting pets 18.Sep.2005 11:29

Video footage is available from democracynow.org

Video footage of Sheriff's dept. going around in trucks shooting dogs. No attempt to rescue. Says it's most humane thing to do, but rescue agencies kept out!

More Coverage of Katrina Animals 19.Sep.2005 13:07


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New Orleans, Couldn't believe what we saw, on television 12.Feb.2007 22:50

Heroes are heroes when they are out to saves all lives

Bush, Government, Mayor, and the politics, how can you sleep knowing full well, what you have done to your people. Watching on television, seeing people and animals in distress, wandering when the heroes will come to save them. Sure they had some heroes on the boat and helicopter, to save the people, and to me a heroe is the ones who could have save humans and their best friends, how could they have turn people away, and left some, when they did not want to leave their pets, and I bet their would have being more lives safe, if they had allowed their pets to come aboard. I would not like to be the one who have to live with the thought of knowing full well who they left to die. How could they say, that the people knew the deadly, outcome, you don't have to have a brain to know that they are mostly poor, how could they find a save place without vichicle, or any transport. To me, a heroe is when they go out and saves any lives. You see the army there to help, go door to door, not finding any lives and seeing helpless animals and just giving water, not taking them to a save place, also the media, just telling the stories and showing animals in distress. Why couldn't they just help, why do they have to take orders, be their own hero. This was life and death, importantly saving any lives. Wasn't, the story that a few guys from the navy who went out to save some lifes, and they got into trouble, because it wasn't their job. They are heroes and the one who told them off, I don't know what was he thinking, to me a heroe is when they save any lives and they could sleep easier knowing they had tried to save lives. Remember the Titanic, the story that the rich had more right to live, taking children and women of the boat, because they had some wealth, and closes the door on the poor, not letting them have the right to live, and that what we see in New Orleans. Sadly, but it is the truth.