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Third Black Activist Jailed resisting SF Grand Jury

Thu, 15 Sep 2005
From: "Political Prisoner News" < PPnews@freedomarchives.org>

Harold Taylor was jailed today (Thursday) by SF Superior Court Judge Robert Dondero for refusing to cooperate with a San Francisco Grand Jury allegedly investigating events going back over 30 years. A hearing for another Black activist, Richard Brown, was put over until Wednesday, September 21. He is also expected to resist. This "investigation" represents a stepped-up campaign to sweep up former Black Panthers, alleging that people have knowledge of events in the early 70s. The FBI and local police all across the US were employing major resources to attack and destroy the Black liberation movement under the Cointelpro program at that time. Cointelpro was designed to use extra-legal means to prevent the growth of community-based and national resistance to the historic oppression of people of color. No government agency, officer or agent has ever been held accountable for any of the violence, assassinations and illegalities under Cointelpro or related programs.

Ray Boudreaux was jailed
indefinitely as of August 29 at San Francisco County Jail on the order of
the same judge who also ordered Hank Jones to be jailed Wednesday

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