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Liberty Hall online event calendar listings -- use it!

Portland's Liberty Hall has an online calendar of operations.
This is to let you know that the most up-to-date calendar of Liberty Hall can be found at  link to bb.domaindlx.com (mirror site).

Also my response to the three most frequently asked questions:

1. The capoiera angola class is no longer happening. :-(
2. The Saturday yoga has restarted. It is 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.; the instructor is considering a later hour however, so you can catch an extra hour of sleep. :-)
3. The Sunday vegan brunch is "not happening" (in a formal sense) presently, but this is largely a D.I.Y. affair -- so feel empowered to use our kitchen and make something for sharing!

LH Operations

homepage: homepage: http://bb.domaindlx.com/libertyhall/
phone: phone: 503-249-8888
address: address: 311 N. Ivy St., Portland, Oregon

mirror site url 18.Sep.2005 08:46

miss little princess libertyhall.resv@gmail.com

For some unknown reason the URL for the mirror site disappeared. The other URL is  http://www.libertyhall.co.nr/ .


311 N. Ivy St.