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OHSU Researcher Responds with Violence to Non-Violent Demonstration

OHSU Primate Center Researcher, Henry Urbanski, received a visit Friday evening by animal rights protestors. Enraged, he responded by attempting to inflict physical injury.
OHSU Primate Center Researcher, Henry Urbanski, received a visit Friday evening by animal rights protestors. They informed the neighborhood with a short speech and rousing chants that their neighbor participates in the horror that is primate testing. One demonstrator rang the doorbell to inform Urbanski of the demonstration's purpose. After Urbanski realized the demonstrator was not selling anything, he asked the demonstrator to remain, while he retrieved his camera.

Thinking the better of it, the demonstrator returned to the street, soon after to be accosted by Urbanski, who immediately became physical with protestors in an attempt to get their photos. As activists attempted to leave the area, he pushed them, and even kicked one, trying to trip her. At one point, he slugged one protestor's jaw, showing that the cold heart that uses living creatures like test tubes is just as unconcerned about injuring fellow human beings.

Bystanders phoned the police. When they arrived, the protestors attempted to press charges. Instead the police informed them that if they returned they would be charged with stalking.

Any information about stalking laws would be appreciated.
Anyone who might know... 18.Sep.2005 10:03

only sickos "experiment" on animals

what's the address of this violent man, so I can keep my animals away from his neighborhood?

thanks for doing these demos 18.Sep.2005 10:34


Someone that would torture animals would torture people. It is only social restriction guiding the persons behavior, not their own consciousness. When you truly see and comprehend suffering and the commonness of all beings, then you have your own compass.

More info please 18.Sep.2005 11:02

Janice C.

Home demos make me uncomfortable. I do know they are necessary because there are no serious avenues for redress or grievances in our society that are not dictated by who has the money. Is the person who was punched in the jaw okay? Everyone else?

I just cannot believe this guy can assault someone and the police will refuse to press charges. That seems so unjust! It makes the whole thing look corrupt.

Information as requested 18.Sep.2005 11:45


Henryk F. Ubanski and his wife Denise Urbanski, also employed by Oregon National Primate Research Center as a librarian, reside at 1800 Northwest 137 Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97229, phone number 503-643-7242. Henryk Urbanski should be considered a dangerous and debased researcher, not only because of the suffering and death he brings to animals but too for his violent and aggressive nature towards peaceful protesters. If he does not approve of animal rights demonstrators showing up at his house and in his neighborhood then maybe he should consider changing his profession.
Denise, Henryk's birthday is just a few weeks away, October 5, maybe you should get him some relaxation tapes and meditation books so he can work on controlling his anger problem.

where? which police? 18.Sep.2005 12:00


Where did this happen? What police jurisdiction was it in?

Lack of trust. 18.Sep.2005 12:10

James Smith

I can totally believe the police would not only NOT do anything to the use of force the vivisector used.Im just surprised no one was attacked or arrested by the police on trumped up charges for that matter.The police as a whole are the protectors of Vivisectors,furfarmers,earth abusers and the amerikkan war machine.They cannot be trusted for help.

shocked 18.Sep.2005 12:10


this is crazy.is everyone who was there okay?any injuries?a person can slug another person in the jaw and not be arrested?can someone explain this?can we hear from the person who was hit?what are our laws/law enforcement coming to?maybe this urbanski freak needs a copy of the constitution sent to him to understand peaceful protests and the right to assemble.hope you plan to follow through on this through the courts.

Is Violence Being Backed By OHSU 18.Sep.2005 13:03


This is all so very interesting and at the same time disturbing. Think this just goes to show what these activists are made of, how much they are willing to sacrifice for the animals, how determined they are and how they put the animals suffering before their own personal safety. I personally could not be so strong and dedicated but am eternally grateful that there are people out there like them who are. You guys have my deepest respect and gratitude. A question I want to throw out to the IM audience, is there any proof or what are your thoughts as to if OHSU and the primate center may actually approve of this violent behavior by their employess as a means to dissuade the activists from continuing with home demonstrations. Do you think it is not only approved but also encouraged? Your thought and comments would be appreciated.

This will not stop 18.Sep.2005 13:32

no one in particular

The protesters are well aware of their rights. And they know that what is being done is completely legal. So, for all of you "researchers" out there who are sitting in your nice comfortable houses thinking you've been let off the hook, don't get too comfy. You will be confronted by people who care about these intelligent, social creatures. The protesters are not going to stop just because the Portland police are knuckleheads and obviously need a bit more training before being handed a badge. Nor will violent "researchers" like Henrick scare them away. These demonstrators are not doing anything outside of the law, and they will not stop exercising their rights and speaking up for those without voices.

Slight Correction Yet All The Same 18.Sep.2005 13:42


Actually, it was Washington County Sheriff Department that responded but basically same difference.

I'm surprised more protesters do not defend themselves 18.Sep.2005 13:52


Carry pepper spray, or learn martial arts, or something, for crying out loud. This kind of thing should be expected when confronting this particular type of person. No reason to let yourself be a casualty in stopping animal cruelty.

Victory Is At Hand For The Animal Activists 18.Sep.2005 14:50

Mahatma Ghandi

First they ignore you,then they laugh at you,then they fight you,then you win.
The end is in sight.

Press Charges? 18.Sep.2005 15:52


Indeed, please elaborate on which "police" this was.

Re: Pressing Charges - Contact the police (at their office) in the
jurisdiction which this occurred in. File a crime report: assault,
whatever. Contact the DA, and let him/her know YOU wish to sign the
complaint. A police officer does not need to sign the complaint.

A patrol officer has 100% discretion at a scene. He can do nothing
(as he did), or run you or Urbanski thru the ringer.

Let them "charge" you with stalking. The DA also has descretion
as to what crimes he will prosecute. He'll throw stalking out in a
heartbeat (if the facts are as you stated). He's a lawyer, and lawyers
don't take on un-winnable cases.

Gorilla Nation 18.Sep.2005 16:02


Just finished a biography about a primate anthropologist who is autistic. She has a Ph.D. and teaches in Bellingham, Washington. Her documentation of gorillas able to communicate is extraordinary, if we ever doubted the intelligence of our non-human primate brethren. BTW, don't forget to protest indoctrination of teachers at OHSU upcoming open house for teachers, see earlier posting.

Liars 23.Sep.2005 21:34


You people are liars. Dr. Urbanksi was grabbed by one of the protesters while he was trying to take their picture. Then the protester started yelling that they were being assaulted. It is a pity that you people feel that you must lie to make your point.

ohsu and their researchers are out of control 24.Sep.2005 15:03

another observer to the incident

howdy there neighbor. sorry but you need a reality check. your information is totally off base. what you report is not what occurred. henyrk urbanski came out of his house in a fit of anger and immediately began to push and shove the protesters in an attempt to photograph them. he was bumping into them and deliberately attempted to trip one of the females but instead ended up just kicking her.what a big brave man he must be. as the protesters attempted to leave because they do not engage in violence unlike mr. urbanski he continued to follow them down the street and around the corner.it was only then that they removed a camera from the car and began to take pictures of his out of control conduct.please in the future attempt to get factual information before posting misinformation on this site.

I Was There 27.Sep.2005 13:53


I do not mind having my picture taken. I do put my hands over my face because that is my right. Urbanski was infuriated that he might not get my picture. I did not expect him to slam against me and attempt to trip me in an effort to get me to turn my face toward him.

I cannot say what happened with the other protestors. This is my experience as simple and honest as it can be. I was around the corner from his house and nearly to the car when this event happened. I know there was a lot of pushing behind me, and while there might have been some contact if when he aggressively came into a protestor's personal space to get a photo, I had no physical or verbal contact with him other than what I have described.

You don't need to get two inches in front of a moving person to get their photo. If he is angy because protestors covered their faces, that's no excuse to become physical. We are simply publicly questioning the ethics of his work. His actions speak for themselves.

I Was There II 27.Sep.2005 13:59


P.S. After the initial violence on Urbanski's part, after protestors had difficulty returning to the car, I believe that one protestor was trying to protect the others. Except for instances of extreme medical need, this is probably not the best idea.