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Hacktivism as the future of activism?

Links to potentially liberating programming techniques.
Forwarded from the labs of Dr.Dos, Zombie Master:

 link to www.obn.org

Does anybody understand this insanity?!
Could these technical processes be better utilized by activists?

homepage: homepage: http://www.grc.com/dos/drdos.htm

don't resort to their dirty tricks 18.Sep.2005 12:04


I don't see any good reason to resort to their dirty tricks. Recall how sites like Indymedia have been shut down at times by hacking. Better would be to confront others with truth, for example posting to right-wing blogs.

Remember, you can go to prison if caught hacking, especially gov't computers.

I'd say, spend the effort agitating for more people-friendly communications laws. The reason that a few corporations and gov't have control of most media is that "we" the public let them, most people don't talk about the consequences of media consolidation, etc.

Hacktivism is useless, cowardly and self defeating... 18.Sep.2005 14:53


Hacktivists do not suffer the brunt of retaliation for their deeds. Instead, it is the honest and above board leftist online publication owner that suffers. Hacktivist attacks are counter-attacked by other hackers. The targets are always left wing publications. Hacktivism is similar to terrorism is that the real casualties are those who are not participating in the fight.