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Burned kid

i don"i want enyone to forget. i know what the police internal affair"s investigation is going to find that these murders sr not held accountable.
his picture. a very sweet young guy.
his picture. a very sweet young guy.
Tazer guns

Tazer guns are not auto reloaders. You have to wind them up, then refire. 10 times. How cruel. Its just wicked. It must of went on for awhile, before they shot him and put him out of his misery, but to torture him first like that is just sick. How could you do that to a person who just got his face burned off, he was not even reconisable from his burns, the funeral had to be closed casket because his burns were so bad.
He hit that car while trying to leave and get emergancy help no wonder he was freaking, he was almost completely blinded probably, did not evev know they were cops. Its sick to do that to a human, even to an animal. I can not imagine his suffering. It's worse than Saddams gassing of prople, I would rather be gassed to death the burned, electicuted, then shot five times. These cops are simply wicked and evil. Just think of the scene of these non-humans tazering this burned and bloody kid over and over again. his screams and pain. pure torture, when an ambulance should have came and took care of such an injured kid.

more info 17.Sep.2005 22:41


What incident are you referencing, specifically? Do you have more info about this? It sounds awful, I just am not quite sure what you're talking about.

burne kid 18.Sep.2005 00:16

zaki prozak@tmail.com

the name is Fouad Kaadl. greshamoutlook last fri. it happend in Sandy./ the cover thier asses they descrbi it as a bloody banken man running aoeung on drugs. toxicology show 0% intoxicants, not even pot.

Have you called the person who has offered you legal help? 18.Sep.2005 00:36


We keep hearing your complaints and you have been offered much sympathy. In addition, you have been offered legal assistance. You have been given a phone number and a person to call at an organization that can help you. Have you called this person? This is what you need to do more than anything.

Zaki refers to the following incident 18.Sep.2005 00:48


Those new to what Zaki is talking about might want to click on the following links.

link to www.oregonlive.com


Tasers 18.Sep.2005 06:17


You don't "wind up" tasers to use them again.

Once the probes are fired, you can cycle the taser again by simply pulling the trigger. Each trigger pull creates a 5 second cycle, or you can hold the trigger down for a non-stop cycle that goes beyond 5 seconds. Every trigger pull is recorded by the taser's onboard microchip.

If the probes miss, you have to pull the cartridge off and put on a new one before you can fire it again.

It requires 2 probes to hit to create the electrical connection. One probe hitting will create no shock.

Drugs? 18.Sep.2005 07:36


Surely the police were tested for drugs, also. What did the tests show? Steriods, pcp, meth, alcohol...?

burned kid 18.Sep.2005 09:45

zaki prozak@tmail.com

Thanks for the info on rewinding the Tazser guns, it makes me feel a little beter, "a little better.

Me and my mispellimg errors
His kast name is Kaady

Sweet young Kid? 21.Sep.2005 21:44

Mark Stanko nutfactor1aol.com

He Hit my daughters car going in the excess of 80 MPH. He could have easily killed her, but didn't since she was in a Buick Skylark. But did push the trunk of her car into her back seat then ran her off the road, across the oncoming traffic lanes totaling her car. Very luckly nobody was coming in the oncoming lane of traffic since the speed limit is 55MPH on that stretch of road. I'm very sorry for the family's loss. We also lost a son at age 15 in 1999 to Neisserria Meningitites. We are very thankful not to have lost our daughter to irresponsible kid who didn't stop at the scene of this wreck. IT WAS NO ACCIDENT! then hit several other vechicles. Of course her insurance won't pay off her car or get her another. So unfortunatly I have to pay out. So where's the justice there, I'm just thankful that Mr. Kaddy didn't fatally injure my daugther with his callous negligence for other people or their property. And by the way I personally ran across and old friend of his from Hi-School that knows about his drug use and dealing drugs. So may be Andrea dosen't know all about her brother.

your an idiot 21.Sep.2005 22:41

zz top

have a heart, and get your facts right i knew him for 18 years and her never was a bad guy or used any type of serious drug, im sorry you have to cough up a couple of dollars you fucking idiot!!!

more wacky disinfo 22.Sep.2005 22:35

from the cops in clackamas county

"It was no accident"? It was premeditated, attempted murder? You're not making any sense, officer. What a coincidence. You're the relative of a "victim" who was hit at "80 miles per hour" but miraculously both vehicles and drivers were not instantaneously annihilated, AND ALSO somehow privy to this remarkable bit of drug-war hearsay. Given the frequency with which cops post disinfo on this site, this story is not particularly believable.

to Mark Stanko "nut factor"(obviously) 28.Sep.2005 15:56

his older sister, Vania

I'm sorry your daughter's Buick skylark was wrecked and you have to fork out a whopping $600 or less to fix it. When my brohter's car collided into your daughter's car he was completely engulfed in flames and covered in burns with a bleeding head injury. Do you really expect a man in that state to calmly stop while going 80 miles an hour? He was heading toward trees or underbrush so he could extinguish the car and his body! What kind of rocket scientist are you anyway? You ran into an old high school friend who said Fouad sold and did drugs? What a fucking joke! I was in high school with my brother, and know for a fact he was as clean as me. He never even drank alcohol until he went to college. You shouldn't be posing lies and misinformation as facts on this website that could be damaging to a beautiful young man's character and reputation. I wouldn't be surprised if the police put you up to it.

Mark Stanko 28.Sep.2005 15:59

his mother

Fouad had full coverage insurance, and we have been waiting for someone to come forward so the damages to the other two vehicles can be repaired. Why have you not tried to contact us? In any regular motor vehicle accident, we would have heard from you right away. Have the police advised you not to do so?

To the Wacko Vania Kaddy 01.Oct.2005 02:10

Mark @ "Nutfactor"

First off Vania, its to bad you think you you know the "truth". But unfortunatly you only have some of it, most of your story "let the truth be told is speculation and not the truth about Fouad's last day. first off you say he drove south on Bluff Rd. till he got to a "rundown corner store" well that used to be a restaurant which is on the corner of Bluff Rd. and Hudson then turned around. Explain to me, and this public forum how your brother smashed my daughters car heading north on Bluff Rd. approx. 1 1/2 miles south of where you say he turned around? Also where he hit my daughters car there is not a posted speed limit, since my daghter was just minding her own business coming home from work she was doing 55-60MPH to do the damage that he did to her car, he had to be doing well over 85MPH my daughters car was also a Buick,and the impact pushed her trunk into her back seat. He not only hit her once, but hit her twice. The first impact, launched her forward then he sped up hit her again this time staying connected to her car pushing her out of his way across the oncoming lane of traffic in to the draiage ditch, where she stopped cause she hit a tree stopping her forward momentum. At the time this was going on there was a older gentle man in a pick-up truck approx. 200 ft. north of my daughter who saw in his rear view mirror what was happening behind him he stopped in the road to offer help. Fouad then hit him for behind pushing him forward, since Fouad's car was not up to as great of speed as when he hit my daughters car he did very little damage to this man's pick-up truck. then Fouad sped around the pick-up and continued south on Bluff Rd. As he Sped past the pick-up he gave the gentle man a one finger wave as he passed by. Both the man in the pick-up and my daughter will testify if asked by the Grand Jury, that Fouad's car was NOT ENGULFED IN FLAMES as he passed by. I can speculate something also, He could have been very agitated by the towing company, since they probably would not let him even have access to his truck to put gas in it, or take it till he paid the tow and storage bill incurred. He possibly went to Sandy to a bank for money and was wildly drivving back to the tow Co. when he hit my daughters and the man in the pick-up, as he proceded down Bluff Rd. near Hudson then flicked his smoke out of his window, re entering through the back window igniting the gas FUMES, since gas does not ignite its the fumes. Quite possibly the car had enough fumes maybe Fouad was intoxicated by the fumes. But the fact is THE CAR WAS NOT ENGULFED IN FLAMES WHEN HE HIT MY DAUGHTER OR THE PICK-UP! When Fouad crashed his mom's car south of Cottrell School, The first person to arrive at the scene was my brother-in -law who works in and around Sandy, he tried helping your brother as he would do for anybody, But Fouad refused help instead jumped up and kicked him in the chest. There was an ambulance on the scene it was transporting my daughter to the hospital. They were stuck there since the driver was a witness to the shooting. Its not sheerly ludicrous to say Fouad had no regard for human life that day, for had he lived I personally would have pressed attempted vehicular homicide charges against him. As for your cuz Zaki he has e-mailed me and personally apologized for some of the mis truths that he has printed on this site, I will communicate with him soon. To rebut your "nutfactor" (obviosly) article. First off our E-mail titled "nutfactor" comes from the time my wife was working with the Audubon Society rehabilitating squirrels, and has nothing as you refer to my frame of mind. As for my daughters car, well her insurance co has screwed her by totalling her car and giving her low blue book cost for it. Which means we have to pay several thousand dollars for a car she no longer has , plus get her another car to get to the two jobs she works, but I really don't care about the MONEY, what I care about is that Fouad did't kill her on his day of bad judgement. Again his car WAS NOT ENGULFED IN FLAMES when he hit my daughter. You are right I'm NOT A ROCKET SCIENTIST, But if I and my car were on fire I certainly wouldn't drive my car into DRY underbrush and trees to put it out. Its no fucking joke that I know someone who went to high school with Fouad, He contends that Fouad sold small amounts of pot in high school, and no the police did not ask me to say that, every thing I have posted on this site is the truth, and is a far cry from what you have been posting. Your brother my have been a beautiful young man and had a great character, but made some really bad decisions on that day, also the police may have made some bad decisions that day as well, but that will be for the grand Jury to decide.

To Fouad's Mother 01.Oct.2005 02:38

Mark Stanko

Mrs. Kaady I'm so sorry for your loss, no words or actions can ever end the hurt you feel, I know this first hand the greif as a parent having to bury one of your children, I lost my only son at 15yr old in 1999. it does not matter whether they are 15 or 27 the pain is the same. Over time it will lessen but never go away. My son bled internally to death, as I helplessly watched as the Drs. tried to save him. Its those days you remember forever mine was July 15,1999. At that point all you can do is try to remember all the good times we had, and try not to anguish about the times that will never be. Again I am very sorry. I am also sorry for the way he died right or wrong they must carry that in their hearts the rest of their lives. I am also sorry about all the crap true or not printed on this site, the words I have spoken are the truth every thim I drive home and see the spray painted lines on the road where Fouad hit my daughters car I think of Fouad not in anger, but in peace knowing that he is no longer in pain from that day, and I also thank God for not taking another one of my children home. Any way don't worry about the car right now just let the Insurance Co's. haggle it out, it doesn't need to be yours or our problem right now. Good by, and God bless you.

Good for nothing Nutfactor 03.Oct.2005 17:48

Vania Kaady

I still think you are a jerk. "Let the truth be told" was my attempt to piece together as accurate of a story I could based on the information I had at the time. Your initial response on this comment page was heartless and cruel. If you had come out with the detailed response of what had actually happened instead of attempting a character assasination by insinuating that my brother was a)negligent and irresponsible, b)hit several cars, and c)sold drugs. First off, you didn't know him. You have no idea who he was other than the fact that he hit your daughter going 85 miles an hour and didn't stop. If she was in any way injured or hurt, I'm sorry for her and your pain. My brother would have felt the same. Second, you said he hit several cars in your original version, yet in your second version you said he hit two. I'm not the only one that needs to get my facts straight. Third, selling a little pot and sellling drugs are two entirely different things. Yet, I still know for a fact he didn't smoke pot in high school. I don't trust you or your "source". What happened leading up to my brother's shooting by the Sandy Police Department is still under speculation. We are a broken and grieving family that are searching for the truth, and in that process we are thankful to anyone who has credible information. Your first comment on this website was empty of information and full of inuendo. Your second comment was more helpful, but to call me "wacky" is rude and completely off the mark. You insulted my sister in your first account, attacked me in your second, and extended a feeble attempt at appearing compassionate toward my mother. Regardless of what happened preceding the shooting, the facts at the scene remain the same; he was naked, burned, bleeding, and unarmed when he was shot FIVE TIMES. My only brother is gone because officers of the law felt in danger for their lives by a completely unarmed man who needed help. And if I am a little "wacko" right now, any compassionate and warm blooded human would understand. You obviously aren't one of them.

To Vania Kaddy 03.Oct.2005 23:25

Mark @ Nutfactor

You may think I'm a Jerk, that's your opinion and thats your right to have and express your opinion. I'm sorry that you felt my words in my first comment were cruel and heartless. I'm not trying to defame your brother. But what he did was negligent and irresponsible by his actions of that day. A) hit and run to three vechicles, sorry I didn't include the third to you in my response to your article on the truth of what happened that day, I only mentioned the two for they both happened right in front of my house, and only because I know for fact that his car was not engulfed in flames when he rear ended either one of them. I do not know if his car was on fire by the time he hit the second pick-up. As for selling pot, I do believe the DEA considers it a drug, but that is not the issue here. Even if he smoked a pound of it it wouldn't have caused the misjudgement of his actions that day. You do not have to trust my source. You are right I do not know anything about your brother, except for his actions on that day. I'm very sorry your family has to deal with this situation and for your loss. I also know nothing about or why he was killed hopefully that will all be disclosed when the Grand Jury convene's, and maybe have some closure for your family. Calling you wacky was rude, and I should not have lowered myself to your platform, by calling me Nutfactor(obviously)or good for nothing Nutfactor. For that I am sorry. Again you can think and express your opinion as you wish, I have better things to do, than waste my time defending myself from you on this site. I will not visit this site to read your reply, if any. I have better things to do. Thank you for your time.

Peace not Bombs 05.Oct.2005 18:39

Vania Kaady

I think we both have better things to do with our time than to focus on character assasination via the internet. All of my efforts will be in finding out the truth about what happened that day and why these officers murdered my brother. And, I will defend him until the day I die. He filled my heart with joy. Have a nice life.

Don't ever post another comment on this site again 28.Oct.2005 11:11

Vania Kaady

Mark Stanko you are forever dubbed in my mind as an atrocious liar. Your disgusting brother in law was the guy threatening my beloved brother with a bat when he was burned and bleeding????????????????????? I can't believe you would have the audacity to even try to make a claim against my brother, me, my sister, and my family. Go to hell you sick excuse for a human being.