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On September 2, 2005 charges were dropped for Aluusta, Nuxalk Nation and Kanahus Pellkey, Secwepemc Nation of Native Youth Movement. After 3 years of bail and legal hassle, the two Native Women were finally let off of thier phony charges. The enemy thinks they can muzzle our people, and scare them away from the Movement by criminilizing them, but the Determinatition of our Brave Freedom Fighters will never die. We cannot be silenced. The hospital system tests and expeiriments on Native People must be revealed and stopped. Kukstemc to everybody who helped and supported our Freedom Fighters. Support Our Troops -- Support Native Youth Movement Fight for The Land! RED POWER!
so 17.Sep.2005 20:52

go ahead...

use this forum to reveal to us what the hospital systems tests and experiments are.

respect will come in proportion to the intelligence and arguments shown.

threats and violence will only be met with the overwhelming force of the state. it's the same yolk we all live under.

Whaddaya mean, go ahead? 18.Sep.2005 00:09

TVK trin_kiger@yahoo.com

[the following is meant only to stir this pot, I'm not trying to piss anyone off here or anything, which is decidedly more fun to do while in person]

Hell, when I read the post it made me feel like getting in touch with them right away, the NYM. With the razorblade rhetoric and the seemingly indominable will to keep fighting, I wish somehow to be connected to that in more than just spirit. There's a lot of fucking work to be done in the struggle for peoples' autonomy and for the fight against oppression. You that can afford to criticize this person so, where are all of your well stated answers concerning the problems faced by the Red People? I'm not hearing much more than you nagging on style and about where this person "should" be coming from in terms of how the struggle is defined by none other than you yourself. What gives? If you're so expressly qualified to talk this kind of shit while the other person is actually fighting, that is, engaging in real battles for his or her people, then pray tell what are your credentials?

Now, that's not my style of writing either, to be sure, but there's value to their work anyways from the passion and the righteousness of their position. The author seems merely to want to share with people everywhere some of what s/he deals with everyday and how it's being effectively dealt with by the people directly; you know, it's sort of like saying, "hey, more people fighting the cops and goons is better than less, so join us and we'll all kick their asses together." Jeez man, get hip.

Look bro, more fascism is on the way for sure, especially here because of the whole Cascadian stripe many of us here have begun to paint on our faces (and don't think it's gone unnoticed by "the Man", because it hasn't), anyways my point is that that's exactly what it's going to take to get people everywhere to wake the fuck up and start fighting these pricks, more fascist police state type bullshit is exactly what the doctor ordered for this fight to really begin. We can win against anything if enough of us can make the example of our effectiveness, which will draw even more people to the same conclusions in terms of what to do about oppression, i.e., it must be fought tooth and nail.

Nothing is as important to our survival than the carefully decentralized arrangement of skillsharing amonst people in their local autonomous zones. Shit, there's so much to do and get ready for; everything that a lot of damn people think is real is about to all be turned on its motherfucking head. Think of it this way maybe - do you want to live as a subject person in the greatest empire to date which is about to fall, or do you want to live with your people in what your people call their home?



oops, sorry. 18.Sep.2005 00:32

didn't mean to be a downer

it was just that those words, "hospital systems tests and experiments," tweaked an interest. truth is, i've never even heard mention of such things. so i was just wondering and hoping for more info, because i'm genuinely interested. guess i should have been more clear.

anyway, keep fighting the good fight and know that i'm with you--really.

Hooray 18.Sep.2005 07:29


Right on Trin. And right on Native Youth Movement!!!

Inspiration 18.Sep.2005 07:37

Mother of Sam

NYM is the most inspiring group out there right now. Keep it up, ask for what you need in terms of support, and ignore the grumpy old folks who just don't get it anymore!

what's this story about? 18.Sep.2005 07:58

what were the charges?

i don't suppose any one wants to explain a little about what happened or why you're so fired-up?

guess i 18.Sep.2005 08:43

shouldn't be here,

uninvited, stumbling around in your space, reeking of arrogance and ignorance. but i just thought some (in)direct contact might be worthwhile; afterall, it would seem we share a common enemy.

got some of it, 18.Sep.2005 09:25

i think

a few years back, a seven-week old baby dies in a bella coola hospital. the staff wants to do an autopsy (which is likely what the "hospital system tests" refers to in the story at the top). however, the mother and three friends, one of whom is the spokesperson for the nym, take their leave and the body of the baby with them. the police eventually catch up with them; and arrests are made and charges(?)laid. the cases then move through the criminal court process until just recently when the whole charade is formally ended either by a judge or a crown prosecutor (?).

is that about right?

Um, do some research 18.Sep.2005 12:49


Just b'cuz u haven't heard about doesn't mean it's not true. Don't u think the U$ wants that info kept locked up?

There is a lot of research being done and revealed to the public regarding "hospital tests." One of the most frightening is the massive sterilizations of Native women that peaked in the 70s. The IHS is so fucking corrupt, but now through Self Determination Act, lots of tribes have more power over who treats them. There's a lot of research, I don't know if it's online, but it's out there.

NYM 18.Sep.2005 16:19

REDMAN pdxnym@riseup.net

Ya'at'ee'h, (it's good)
Brothers and sisters in the revolution. I say revolution because we are still fighting for our way of life after the colonizer put us in concentration camps all over turtle island. We are human beings, yet, all different types of tests and experiments are still being done against indigenous people all over turtle island. In New Mexico they are testing a new power plant that was designed to produce " less pollution" Are we sub-human? that Bush's Energy policies is creating all kinds of desecration on our land base and people. The tests and experiments are different on all reservations. On the Dine Rez our struggle now is the death rate outpaces the national average of cervical cancer, suicide, tuberculosis, pneumonia/influenza, infant deaths and post neonatal deaths. The current annual per capita death rate for Dine` is nearly 629, compared to 479 for the rest of the nation. We don't have enough doctors or Medical facilities and now they want another power plant. Indigenous are fighting for their survival all over turtle island. I honor my relatives in Canada for standing up for their ways of life. The indigenous women were being sterilzed and now there are a lot of indigenous women that are missing in Canada. Here is a site for some information that has happened and people are now making awareness on that issue
 link to www.iaiachronicle.org
There are struggles going on all over turtle island with indigenous people. For more information about 4 CORNERS NATIVE YOUTH MOVEMENT www.lordsoftheland.com or  pdxnym@riseup.net

comments from Van NYM 20.Sep.2005 13:21

Van NYM nymchapter604@hotmail.com

It sounds like a lot of people dont understand the message from  nymcommunications@hotmail.com
3 years ago, a young woman from the group had a baby, and at some point the baby got sick. The mother brought her to a hospital in a town called Bella Coola. Her baby died from something like pneumonia. Many native babies have died in that hospital, and some have died under care of the same doctors and nurses that were "helping" this baby girl. The doctors were going to perform an autopsy on the baby, and the girl and her family, some also being in NYM, took the baby and had a traditional burial for her.
The police came down heavy on them, made some arrests, put murder charges on some people (very very ugly). The cops went and raided 2 or 3 different places, and took all their information including several computers. The charges were eventually dropped to assault, and they had their last court date earlier this month, and the charges were completely dropped.
They were treated that way because they're protecting Secwepmc territory, and because they're promoting that other people stand up and protect their own land. Information was gathered by the cops on NYM, using bogus murder charges as an excuse.
Regarding human experiments, 've heard many cases of human experiments. Such as in South America, Nestle encouraged women to give babies formula, over breastmilk, and due to lack of vitamins, those kids became brain damaged. I've heard of hospitals in the states that have predominantly black or latino (native) clientle give women birth control pills that were being tested, causing unwanted pregnancies.
Lastly, Indian boarding schools, or in Canada, residential schools. Here is a link to some terrible dirt on residental schools. www.hiddenfromhistory.org
I hope that this comment clarifies things for any readers.