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Portland Indy Media Tv show goes on the Road

Alex Ansary, Host of OUtside the Box is filming a documetary in Austin, Texas filming a documentary on the patriot movement
Alex Jones and Alex Ansary
Alex Jones and Alex Ansary

homepage: homepage: http://alexansary.blogspot.com
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address: address: portland, oregon

What this Documentary is About... 17.Sep.2005 18:57

Alex Ansary

I love Portland, and appreciate all the activism there. I want to make that point clear right out the gate. However, i don't see enough people mobilizing to defend our constitution and there are places outside Oregon where people do fantastic jobs exposing the police state control grid. These are not conspiracy theorists. It may appear so, but all the information checks out, that is if you do the homework.
This film now has over a dozen interviews and I am very tired. The Rally against the global government took place today at the Texas State Capital and Alex Jones did quite well in the burning sun. I will show clips of my interviews on my local cable tv show, Outside the Box, in random segments. Email if you would like to know whose on the roster list. For those who don't know about Outside the Box, this show goes beyond mainstream left and right issues and focuses (to the best of my ability) to go the root core of our nations and world problems. I do not belong to a political party nor push an agenda. Only to educate and read the news thats neglected by the mainstream media and most alternative media. And it's the how and why and when of our Police State America and World.

one more pic 18.Sep.2005 22:22

alex ansary alex_ansary@hotmail.com

Clips coming soon

Keep an open mind 19.Sep.2005 13:58

Justin------------Patriotic Militant

I just want to let everyone know that Alex Jones speaks the truth about what is going on in the world. When i was younger (15 or so) i always had a feeling something was wrong and something BIG was going down in the future. After 9/11 i went searching for answers and stumbled on to Alex Jones. We all need to listen and look at the proof concerning 9/11 and the "New World Order" aka "globalization". This is not conspiracy theory stuff. This is all true.
9/11 was perpetrated by the elite leadership of conspireing countries to take peoples rights away and set up a GLOBAL dictatorship, one just has to look and see the militarized police all over the country, warrantless searches and seizures, checkpoints, black ski mask wearing thugs with M-16's raiding house after house, disarming people for no reason, etc... People who know their history will tell you that Hitler bombed his won Reichstag building soon after his "election" and blamed it on his enemies. Then the campaign of taking peoples rights began. G.W. Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush was working for the Nazi party in America during that time. G.W. Bush's daddy was head of the CIA, the biggest terrorist organization in the world. The Bush family has connections with the elite leadership. The same group(s) who were behind Hitler and his mentality are behind 9/11 and the aftermath. It will soon get much worse.
I will give you some key words to research if you would like:
World Trade Center, Building 7, on 9/11
Bohemian Grove
Skull & Bones
Operation Northwoods