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Open letter to the Peace Movement From Lloyd Hart.

Humanity's Greatest Act of Inequality.
Mother Natures Daughter
Mother Natures Daughter
Open letter to the Peace Movement From Lloyd Hart.

Humanity's Greatest Act of Inequality.

By Lloyd Hart

As millions of people around the world and here in the U.S. organize and travel to peace rallies, marches and concerts set for the weekend of September 24th, it is not only important to comprehend and consider the inequalities, racism and classist behavior well hidden by the corporate media version of "America the beautiful" that hurricane Katrina has painfully wrenched the lid off of forcing all of us to stare at, and not to mention the planned and deliberate dismantling and militarizing of the activities of civil society agencies like FEMA, police departments and the first responder agencies on the state and local level and how the war on Iraq has played a role in sucking America dry of its National Guardsmen and equipment. It is however, equally as important to acknowledge what the awesome power of Hurricane Katrina revealed for the entire world to see and what now must become the most important peace movement discussion this coming weekend, humanity's greatest act of inequality. Placing all of nature and the planet and for that matter the entire universe that encompasses it beneath the delusion of superiority humanity has constructed for itself that has resulted in the physical devastation of the very ecological systems that allow humanity to exist in the first place.

The War on Iraq is just a side show of the greater War on Terror the Military and the Ruling Class of not just America but of the entire world has launched against the rest of us and what's left of the natural world. In other words the Military and the Ruling Class have launched this incredibly aggressive act of violence and robbery of the public treasury to prove total global military authority for the simple fact that the Military and the Ruling Class have accepted the science behind Climate Change of Global Warming as a direct result of deforestation, over industrialization, the aerosol and marine particulates and carbon dioxide that have been emitted and the consequences that have resulted. The Military and the Ruling Class are simply reacting to the global ecological catastrophe by simply backing up the already existent global economic dictatorship with the military completely unrestrained by the pretense of democracy and public accountability.

Global Climate Change and Peak Oil Part I

Global warming 'past the point of no return'  link to news.independent.co.uk

Those consequences are the Global collapse of the Fresh Food and Fresh Water Supply, the destruction of the Global Economy and its infrastructures as a result of the Super Storms, Super Droughts and now Tsunamis brought on by undersea earthquakes as a result of increased weight on plate tectonics caused by rising oceans.

Dude, My Economy is Destroying My Economy!

What I am getting at here is that the Peace Movement can no longer just address the war on Iraq as a two dimensional black and white issue that creates the slogan "Support Our Troops Bring Them Home Now" because the simple fact is the Military and the Ruling Class here in America has removed any possibility of the redress of the above grievance on the part of public because the Military and the Ruling Class have privatized the ballot box so completely into the hands of the Military and the Ruling Class insuring the public cannot interfere with the Military and the Ruling Class "Staying the Course." "Staying the Course" in Iraq and with their plans in the War on Terror for total global control within the context of what is probably the worst environmental catastrophe humanity has ever brought upon itself and the rest of the natural world.

Hurricane Katrina, the largest super storm we have seen to date has created an opportunity for the peace movement in all of its diversity, political unity and devisiveness that has had a tendency to water down the movement's effectiveness especially when liberals and progressives who think they run the peace movement attempt to control the movement's diversity and three-dimensional message from coming to the forefront of the movement's of overall message.

The catastrophe that has been caused by Hurricane Katrina along with the many catastrophes in recent history leading up to Katrina has seized the imagination of not just the American public but the entire global public opening a window of opportunity for all of the civil society, non-governmental organizations and individual activists that come together in the peace movement, to deliver a three dimensional message of what is truly happening to our lives, our communities and the planet on which we all live and what can be done by the public to create a Democratic response to the catastrophes that are deforestation, global warming, climate change etc..

While the Military and the Ruling Class prepare for the ensuing wars over food and fresh water they are launching to protect the world's largest and most expensive entitlement program the Military's and the Ruling Class's delusional social Darwinistic self-proclaimed right to rule the world, what will the peace movement prepare for?

An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security
 link to www.heatisonline.org

Warming could bring colder UK winters

Global Climate Change & Peak Oil Part II

Will the peace movement simply just organize rallies with a two dimensional messages that have no possibility of uniting the public to defend ourselves against the ruthlessness by which the Military and the Ruling Class advance the arrogance of superiority to us and all of nature? Will the peace movement take on the real issue behind the War on Iraq, the War on Afghanistan and the War on Terror, the destruction of the global ecology? Will the peace movement connect the dots between deforestation global warming and climate change and the overall strategy of the war on terror? And will the peace movement finally abandon the Liberal strategy of describing everything the Bush regime does as incompetent and begin to show that everything the Bush regime and their ruling class allies have done to our society since they began stealing elections is part of a deliberate premeditated plan that can only truly be understood when you place the Bush regimes' actions against the backdrop of the collapse of the Global ecology? Will the peace movement finally declare that we are in the fight of our lives and that now is the time to flood the streets of America and the world with Gandian Non Violent, Non Stop Total Economic Disruption of the Global Economic Dictatorship. Will the peace movement stop describing the Anarchists and the Black Block who are fighting for what little future they have using union style picket line tactics of direct confrontation against the unconstitutional intimidation and provacation deployment tactics of the militarized police as counter productive and even as agents provocateur.

If a 150,000 people could lay their lives down to secure the American public a living wage then why can't America's progressive movements confront the very same arrogant power the very same way to save Billions of lives human and otherwise that the Military and the Ruling Class are going to make sure starve to death and succumb to disease year upon year upon year until the poor people that the Military and the Ruling Class do not want to share this planet with are completely erased.

Strange weather disrupts marine ecosystems along Pacific Coast
 link to www.montereyherald.com

If the Chinese government can spend a hundred billion dollars on a watershed reclamation effort to turn the clock back on deforestation, global warming and climate change then why is this not the central focus of our governments? If Arab governments who have already spent billions and three decades reclaiming watersheds in the middle of seemingly impenetrable deserts what is wrong with our government? If the Libyan government can install morning dew capturing mechanisms that then takes that moisture and places it directly in the ground that then supports the growing of orchards what is wrong with our society? If it requires a guaranteed income welfare state to to free up the labor to repair the damage to the global ecological systems why is the peace movement not promoting this idea? If it requires more communal and collective sharing of what resources remain in order to stabilize and reduce population growth with well fed healthy families why are we not promoting these ideas? If Europe can put up hundreds of windmills in order to reduce emissions from coal fired electrical generation facilities and to reduce Europe's dependency on nuclear power what is wrong with America. What is wrong with Americans.

Does the Liberal, progressive, civic and trade union and socialist left truly even recognize the global ecological crisis? Or do they view the environment as still a side issue not integrated and incapatible with left wing economic theory.

The rally, march and concert coming up on September 24th. will be the last one I will attend until I see the above questions answered by the peace movment. Otherwise I shall place my attentions to the survival of my family in the present and a growing maelstrom that is the collapse of the global ecology.


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Do your homework Lloyd Hart 17.Sep.2005 17:16

Converse Murdoch umlaut@idir.net

Before you start complaining about how fucked up Americans are for not developing wind powered electricity perhaps you should take a look at what actually is being done.

Let me guess 17.Sep.2005 18:15

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

The American controlled global economic dictatorship is starving millions to death and thats all you've got to say. "We've put up some wind mills"

in agreement 18.Sep.2005 00:55

random PDXer

this, too, is what dominates my thoughts these days. New Orleans was a big f'n wake up call. the fact that They're willing to let an entire u.s. city go has revealed a level of, for lack of a better word, "evil" of which i was previously unaware, or was denying. in other words, "wow. it's gotten THIS bad."

it's sad and it's scary, but it's not debilitating or deflating. or doesn't have to be. the pursuit of the means of survival is, in and of itself, an amazingly satisfying and enlightening path to take up, and brings with it incredible joys (good, fresh healthy food not being the last of them!).

best of luck to all of us in the times ahead.

You brought it up 18.Sep.2005 09:30

Converse Murdoch

You're the one who tried to make it part of your argument to begin with. I would agree with you that compared to what's really going on it doesn't mean much. So why did you include it in your article ?

what "peace movement"? 18.Sep.2005 12:13

political orphan

it died slowly over many months, when operations were suspended to deflect criticism of pro war hawk kerry. it was a sad sight watching zinn, chomsky, m. moore,the GP, the nation, & all but a very few indys/progeressives shilling for the democratic party; and vilifying nader for simply telling the truth.

with tho 04 elections over & the ABB scam a proven disaster, efforts were made to immediately resurrect the peace movement, with dismal results thus far. hopefully, something new will emerge. i suspect, however, we'll have a much smaller movement with the same ABB "leaders" who will back pro war democrats in 06/08

hard truth to face 18.Sep.2005 18:29


Before you start complaining about how fucked up Americans are for not developing wind powered electricity perhaps you should take a look at what actually is being done.

United Statesians are not developing anything much. The so called 'free market' is no answer. There needs to be a national effort, outside of market economics to awaken a new direction, a mission as it were.

You can nitpick all you want, but Lloyd is right. He is pointing out the disaster awaiting us all. Not just disaster, but catastrophe. Global Catastrophe. Your life as you know it is almost at an end. Surely you can do more than nitpick some trivial point. Anyone with even one eye open can see that the denial of ecological collapse is the defining characteristic of this country. Such nitpicking is itself a symptom of that denial and means you are not really feeling it in your gut, facing the truth in the eye.

facing the truth in the eye 18.Sep.2005 23:21

Converse Murdoch

My nitpicking is not some denial. It is exposing Lloyd Hart's flimsy argument. He wants to use this as an example of how screwed up America and Americans are and it is factually incorrect. What really pisses me off about Lloyd Hart is his "Gosh I'm so superior, I'm from Canada, and all you Americans suck." attitude. Sorry Mr. Hart but not all Americans are ecoterrorists commited to the destruction of the planet for some fast bucks. There are a lot of decent people in this country.

Mr. Harts generalizations and spitting on all Americans does not clearly define the problem or provide any solutions. I don't see how you can say denial of ecological collapse is typical of all Americans. There are a lot of people that are aware and want to change things.

The problem is that the govt. has been hijacked by a bunch of gangsters that are on a looting rampage. If you want to solve a problem you get to the source of it. The first thing is to get a lot more specific about who is actually doing this stuff. It's not just Americans or some undefined "ruling class". C'mon Mr. Hart, do your homework, get specific, name names. And then for a hundred points in the bonus round, what ties them all together ? Your not too busy wrapping yourself in your smug hipper than thou blanket are you ?

Follow US. 19.Sep.2005 14:00

Anti-Sea Faction of the Supreme Triumvirate

Obey Chown. We the Prophets will save you. That is all.

Murdoch, the fact that 20.Sep.2005 16:33

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

you have allowed your country to be hijacked proves my argument. There is something wrong with you and your brand of mutant European Facsism.

In Canada the white European Facsist Culture is in the process of coming to terms with their crimes and are committed to the handing most of the public lands (85%of Canada is public lands) back into Native hands and protecting the Forests in accords produced by Natives, Environmentalists, logging companies and governments.

Canada is puting up wind mills at twice the pace of America.

Canada has a precinct, multi party observed and counted paper ballot.

Canada has legalized the growing of Industrial Hemp. In fact Most of the Hemp you buy in America is Canadian.

Canada is decriminalizing Cannabis.

The list goes on and on and on of policy changes that Canandians fought for.

Like the right for women to control their own bodies in a clear supreme court decision that "an abortion is a matter between a woman and her doctor."

Canada has an equal rights ammendment.

All the above policy successes in Canada came from people willing to put their lives on the line which included my own at times. I don't see anyone directly confronting the Facism that you let take your country from you. When I do I will join them.

Instead of fighting me look at your self and your country. Is there something in America worth dying for? If you can't see anything your blind and corrupt.

And by the way I have been naming names with every article I have writen