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What happened Thursday night on Alberta St.?

dozens of police cars, no story in Oregonian, or here.
Thursday night around 10 pm, I was walking home along Alberta St, and suddenly police cruisers began speeding by with thier lights on from all directions.

There must have been 15 of them all together. As I walked by, it seemed like they were converging just south of Alberta on about 18th. Other cruisers set up a perimiter for several blocks in every direction. It was impossible to get closer than about two blocks from where the bulk of cops were.

My wife and I saw police taking what looked, from a distance, like shotguns out of thier trunks, but it could have been those bean bag tossers they like so much.

It seemed like there were a bunch of neighborhood folks out watching, and I expected someone would post a report here, but I haven't seen anything.

I also expected to see a story in my paper this morning, but nothing.

Does anyone have any details? Was this just an overreaction of bored cops, or did something go down?

Any info would be appreicated. Thanks.
media blackout 17.Sep.2005 17:21

northern lights

as a resident of the low-20's in the alberta district, i can attest to the constant lack of information regarding law enforcement goings-ons. we see police actions all the time go on here (usually involving ridiculously fast driving on residential streets) and it never ends up in the news.

cops on display 18.Sep.2005 20:16

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

welcome to the police state of amerika. heil bush

drug bust 18.Sep.2005 20:39

seen it

usually, that type of stuff is drug bust action.

drug busts?? 19.Sep.2005 02:12

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

if they wrer doing something good it would be on the news. probably just more secret police operations. heil bush

Alberta Incident 21.Sep.2005 05:30

Sixpack sixpack6t9@yahoo.com

According to the chatter on my borrowed scanner, the expected findings were not found. That would be why there were no write-ups in local papers. The same thing happened to a city-wide "sweep" in 2000 that netted 12 out of 144 warrants, none of the 30 meth labs, and no "ring leaders". There was also an incident in March, 2005 where police, during a high-speed chase, drove their patrol car off of a loading dock at a business on Columbia blvd., Then claimed that it would not have happened if there had been a container left in place!?! How stupid IS PPD? About THAT stupid. No one ever heard anything about the chase that ended up in the destruction of one police car, either. I'm trying to get a hold of the photos that are available (the business owners thought it wise to protect themselves against the PPD trying to sue THEM for damages!)

laurelhurst district