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Join us at National Health Care Group's Portland Hearing Friday Sept 23

Senator Ron Wyden, Former Governor John Kitzhaber and others will be sharing successes and failures of Oregon's health care experiences with the national Citizen's Health Care Working Group.
Friday, September 23, 9 AM
City Council Chambers, 1221 SW 4th Ave. Portland
The Working Group is coming to Portland for the last of its five hearings on health care held around the country. Join us in listening to presentations and showing support for reform in America's health care system.

Senator Wyden and Senator Hatch sponsored legisaltion creating the Citizen's Health Care Working Group to engage the country in a dialogue around needed changes in our health care system. The Working Group plans to issue a report "The Health Report to the American People" in the first week of October and then will begin a nationwide discussion on health care, ending with recommendations delivered to Congress.

Please RSVP to Matt 503-655-2793 or  mattw@oregoniansforhealthsecurity.org if you plan to attend.
Measure 40 17.Sep.2005 11:29

Lynn Porter

Please see also the HOPE for Oregon Families website --  http://hopeoregon.org -- regarding Measure 40, an amendment to the state constitution proposed for the 2006 election. It would declare health care to be a right and instruct the state legislature to come up with a plan by 2009 to provide medical insurance to everyone in the state. We will need many volunteers to gather petition signatures to get this on the ballot.