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Cheney's real reason for his last Portland stop

Remember the mock limousine at The Benson?
People have said Cheney had no friendly visit that last stop in downtown Portland. They say he went to Pill Hill, OHSU, for his ill health. Now knee surgery with an aneurysm, which is not a small medical procedure.
well, 16.Sep.2005 23:50

here's hoping

that his condition deteriorates to point where we can be rid of him for ever. it might be the only chance we have.

the limo 17.Sep.2005 07:37


I work at OHSU where there was a huge limo parked outside the main hospital with it's driver standing beside it, at attention most of last Wednesday.

dick exposure? 17.Sep.2005 23:48


I would think that an entourage accompanying the godfather would be fairly visible. I'm skeptical that he would merely show up in a "caravan" consisting of a single limo. Did anyone see the chase and follow cars? PPB motorcycle cops? SS Praetorian guard standing around looking menacing?