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Hurricane Relief Benefit This Saturday

Saturday from 11-4 come enjoy a FREE concert in Kelley Park at 42d and Sandy. Donations will be taken for VFP relief activities in Louisiana
What: Musical fundraiser for Hurricane relief
Where: Kelly Plaza, NE 42nd & Sandy
When: Saturday, September 17, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Who: Sean Slattery, Veterans for Peace chapters 72, 110, and 116

At the end off August, Veterans for Peace Chapter 116 from California drove their bus full of supplies to Covington, Louisiana to assist in hurricane relief, where they set up a supply distribution point to help survivors before the Red Cross. They are handing out much needed items such as water, blankets, and toilletries. Several Veterans for Peace chapters from around the country are making the supply runs with busses and trucks to Covington on a regular basis. Chapter 110, from Orange County, California, is currently filling a truck which they will drive to the Covington supply point as soon as it is full. In support, the Oregon chapter of Veterans for Peace is donating all proceeds from this and other fundraisers to Chapter 110 to help fill that truck.

Now that Covington is well in the hands of the Red Cross, our VFP members there are reaching out to a broader area on dirt roads and in the back woods. Our mission is to truck supplies into areas of Louisiana and Mississippi where aid has not reached, turning over these supplies to the pastors of churches there in these out-lying areas. In doing so, we are giving the power of decision to the people who best know the area and the needs of the people.

homepage: homepage: http://www.vfpchapter72.org