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Biotech imc address change update

Updated address change for linx to biotech imc..
There's a slight address change on the biotech imc website, no longer biotechimc.org, now found at;


The linx to biotech from Portland imc can to be updated to new address, thanks!!

Biotech imc has the latest info on the international solidarity movement to prevent corporate control of people's food supply by genetic engineering and biopatenting..

WTO Kills Farmers; In Memory of Lee Kyung Hae

Since the 9/11 anniversary took the forefront of the media, one day before 9/11 marks the anniversary of the death of Korean farmer Lee Kyung Hae at the WTO convention in Cancun Mexico..

Long time activist of the Korean Farmers Association, Lee spoke out against the import of bioengineered rice from the USA into Korea, with the result of flooding the market and driving the price down so local Korean rice farmers were forced out of business..

These are the words of Lee before he took his life in protest of the neo-liberal policies of the WTO that claimed the lives of many of his fellow farmers in Korea..

"My warning goes out to all citizens that human beings are in an endangered situation. That uncontrolled multinational corporations and a small number of big WTO Members are leading an undesirable globalization that is inhumane, environmentally degrading, farmer-killing, and undemocratic. It should be stopped immediately. Otherwise the false logic of neoliberalism will wipe out the diversity of global agriculture and be disastrous to all human beings."

After his death in Cancun Mexican president Vincentes Fox called him a "globophobe" afraid of progress. This disrespectful comment from the same president who gave the aquifers of Chiapas and Oaxaca to multinational corporation coca-cola..

Do not let Lee's death be in vain..

more info about Lee Kyung Hae at;

"The WTO Kills Farmers"
In Memory of Lee Kyung Hae
LAURA CARLSON / Interhemispheric Resource Center 11sep03