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burned kid

Tazer guns
Tazer guns are not auto reloaders. You have to wind them up, then refire. 10 times. How cruiel. Its just wicked. It must of went on for awhile, before they shot him and put him out of his misery, but to torture him first like that is just sick. How could you do that to a person who just got his face burned off, he was not even reconisadle from his burns, the funrall had to be closed casket because his burns were so bad.
He hit that car while trying to leave and get emergancy help no wonder he was freaking, he was almost completely blinded probably did not evev know they were cops. Its sick to do that to a human, even to an animal. I can not imagine his suffering.

Any More Protests? 16.Sep.2005 11:50


Zaki, I'm sorry to say that I thought your original post was a hate joke. I'm also sorry you lost your cousin this way. There is so much ignorance out there...Any way. What can the community do? I was one of only two protestors outside the James Perez "hearings" and am willing to take a stand against excessive use of force in the PPD in memeory of your cousin. Any plans? Has the family thought of or done a press conference? Maybe Alan Graf could take on this case?

burned kid 16.Sep.2005 12:37

zaki prozak@tmail.com

I am no angry anymore, I just took it personal. I was making those posts durring the funeral, that's why they were so out of wack. Sorry for my mean post.

Please give us some guidence.


Call Catherine 16.Sep.2005 12:50


Call Catherine (see message above). She's wonderful and she's here to help you. We are very fortunate.

Me, Too 16.Sep.2005 14:04

Den Mark, Vancouver

I stood at the Perez hearings & all the others. I'm ready to stand with you, too. Just tell me when & where. Cops do NOT own society. WE do. Cops ARE answerable, as are their bosses. Answerable to US.