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Richard Pryor did not live in Clackamas County

Apparently Pryor was wrong about people..
"When you are on fire, people will get out of your way"- Richard Pryor. Not, apparently, if you have the misfortune of being on fire in Clackamas County, and the police are called. Poor Fouad Raymond Kaady made a big mistake. He caught fire while making the mistake of transporting gasoline in his car (ever done this yourself?) For this crime, he was shot and killed. The media simply accepts the police standard explanation for the killing of unarmed (obviously, because he was naked) citizens, and the killing goes on. When will we call foul on the "I feared for my life" defense? Next time you see someone on fire, don't call the police.
Pryor 16.Sep.2005 18:34


Richard Pryor, as far as I know, was however a financial contributor to the Black Panther Party which directly confronted this kind of police cruelty.

The point, Pryor 19.Sep.2005 15:17


Was that apparently no one pays any attention at all when a citizen is on fire, unless you count the cops, who tazed, then killed, Fouad Kaady. I was not trying to intimate that Pryor did not care.